Alright, so. What the hell is going on?

I’m pretty sure that’s what you’re all thinking. At least those who still bother to care about this blog (I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t.)

I’ll be brief. Maybe I’ll write something longer over the week, to explain myself more fully, but I think it’s best to be brief for now.

In short, life sucks and I gotta deal with it. I spent the last two and a half months mostly doing three things – sleeping, working my two jobs and writing exams/essays/term papers. Sometimes all in one day.

Did I have no time to write? Or to at least come online on the blog, post some facts, chat with people?

Of course not. I had time. There is always time.

What I didn’t have was energy.

This may sound weird, but… everything takes energy. And you only have so much of it every day. If you’re in a bad place, you have to really manage what you do, because otherwise, you might end up not doing a thing.

So… what am I trying to say? Did I not care enough? Maybe. I think not. I love this blog, this story, and my readers. You guys have been great, and I hate to disappoint like this.

But sometimes, you think at the end of a day something like this: “Not today. I don’t feel like going online today.”

The next day, you honestly don’t have the time. The one after that, you forget about it. Then you have another day when you’re just demotivated.

And then, suddenly, it’s been two months. You suddenly realise that you’ve been ignoring it all for weeks and you don’t even know how that happened.

What I’m trying to say, I guess…

I’m sorry. I’ll try to do better.

I’m sorting a lot of things out in my life, right now. Hopefully, I can present a more concrete plan soon.

Until then, I hope you’ll show a little more patience with me. I may not deserve it, but I hope to earn it yet.



32 thoughts on “News

  1. Chill out
    Be happy
    And maybe write/publish a sentence each week (or each 2 weeks)

    It sounds like nothing, but it is more than nothing^^ And you can write more if you feel like it
    Also we can see you still care about the story.

  2. Hey, we understand, real life takes priority. Take it easy and I’ sure all of your fans will look forward to whatever you come up with when you have the time again.

  3. Two jobs and school is enough to put anybody under. I don’t think you have much to apologize for if that’s your schedule.

  4. I remember being in the same spot a year ago. 4 hour a day commute on top of a 40 hour work eventually took the wind out of my sails. I still haven’t fully recovered.

  5. I may not be the most positive person about your writing schedule, or your current focus in the story.

    But Brennus is special to me. I truly care for the characters, and I’m constantly curious about where things will go.

    And so here I am, checking in. Again. And happy to see that you’ve posted, despite the fact that it’s another “I’m sorry, I’ll do better” post.

    Now you may think that I’m complaining, or angry, and despite the tone of my post, that’s not the case. Perhaps you should see my intense urge to read more of your story as a compliment. You’ve created something that I, and many other people, love enough to check on frequently even after MONTHS of no news.

    Sorry for such a mixed bag of a comment. Re-reading it, I definitely come off whiney in the beginning. But I’d rather not change it, it’s a pretty honest depiction of my feelings on Brennus.

    (Also I think it’s a bit ironic that we’ve been in a story arc where the MC is having a sleepless workless miserable life-cycle, its mirrored in the real life of the author. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, it’s an interesting peak into your psyche. Also It’s incredibly depressing. But hey, it’s -neat-.)

    Thanks for the great story, and pick it back up when you get the chance. Just keep us posted when you get the chance. It can be rough telling people that you’re going to let them down, but some info is better than none. This is all coming from a leecher, though.


  6. *Gives Digital Hug*
    Don’t worry about it life sucks and people get busy. As long as you have full intentions to get back to it, and don’t die or something disastrous loyal fans will be willing to re-read the story whenever you come back.

  7. I don’t begrudge you any of the time you take for yourself at this point, as you clearly have a busy schedule. You are providing this amazing work for free, a work that in my opinion rivals many of the published books that I have read. Thank you for the status update, and the writing that you produce for us.

  8. People get burnt out from time to time. There are plenty of reasons why it can happen, and you sound like you’ve found more than one.

    Don’t stress it. What you’ve given us a gift, not a right. We’re blessed for all the effort you’ve put in. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  9. What they said. I’ll just be here hoping your life gets less stressful, and looking forward to the time when you DO have the time and energy to write again 🙂

  10. Do what you gotta do. We love your writing and of course we would like to see more. But, and this is a very big ‘but’ you come first. Take some time, try something new and come back when you feel recharged. Or don’t. Do whats best for you, not for us. If its not fun, its not worth wasting your life on.

  11. Reading the posts, I think that most everyone is perfectly happy to read what you produce, when you produce it and give you all the time you need in between. The frustration comes when we’re told that we can expect something and then that something doesn’t appear. Yes, Tieshaunn is producing free content, and wonderful content at that and life happens and delays happen and I’m still coming back looking for more, but fans are justified in being frustrated when he makes promises and then falls through on those promises without any sort of warning. That being said, I love the story, people are deserving of patience and second (or third, or fourth) chances, and I’ll be coming back every month or so to see if the story has picked back up.

  12. Hi I’m a new reader/follower you got during your two month break. I really like your story and hope you keep trying to work on it. That said, your schedule sounds like schedule from hell, so I definitely understand if you may need breaks or vacations. I’ll just check in occasionally to see if you have made any updates, and if it makes you feel better There’s web novels I’m reading were the author took even longer breaks.

  13. Suggestion: once every two weeks, or once a month, get online and just write what the update situation is, good, bad, or ugly. That tends to work for me, as a reader.

    • I’ve been tempted to suggest a twitter account or something where he just tweets “not dead” every couple of days 😛

  14. *Hugs*
    Welcome back, take your time, and ignore their suggestions. Take your own time, and we’ll understand if this doesn’t work out. If it does, we’ll be happily waiting.

  15. Don’t feel obligated to give us (the rabid readership) anything but it would be polite to drop a note even saying “sorry guys you’re shit out of luck this month, check back in a couple weeks” I came about THAT close to completely dropping checking here because too many webserials just go on permanent hiatus with no notice.

    • And if you do happen to find time\motivation don’t put it up immediately, put it up in a couple of weeks. I suspect those who are still checking will wait patiently mostly because the content is well realised and enjoyable.

  16. Don’t worry, you wont lose me as a reader that easily >_>
    Though once you get on top of things, bonus story fluff will be appreciated 😛

  17. Tie, love your story and world. Don’t beat yourself up. We’ll still be here when you finally have the time & energy to write.

  18. Your writing is good enough that I check daily, even when I’m sure you’re not going to be posting that day. Like Wildbow, I’ve never been disappointed by what you’ve written. Like the others, I would appreciate a heads up every week or so, but I completely understand life kicking you in the head.
    Just a thought, is there a chance that donations or patreon could help alleviate the need for the 2nd job, if not both? Or would that actually make it worse, by putting too much pressure to perform? My wife has severe anxiety and can’t handle even minor responsibilities; i.e. she loves to read, but when she knows I’m waiting for her to finish the next chapter she can’t focus and gets shaky and irritable.

  19. I think Wyrmfall is correct. For us, this is a gift, not a right.

    My own plans will be to check back in when curiousity strikes me. Which is basically saying that I might miss updates, depending on how it goes.

  20. ‘Sup man!
    I’m actually a new reader, kinda finished archive binging a few days back. So on my end there’s not much of a delay haha.
    Story is great though! I am specially impressed with your worldbuilding, both extensive and original. Great work.
    Hope things calm down and you get to write again soon, but I have more than enjoyed the ride so far and am thoroughly conscious that this is both your hobby and, as someone said above, a gift. So no rush. You do you, and for my part I will be happy to read if and when you get to come back.
    Talent and effort should be rewarded with patience and loyalty, not demands. Paraphresing Neil Gaiman, neither you nor GRRM is “my bitch”.
    Kudos for the work so far, and may life stop sucking as soon as possible!

  21. I’ll second what everyone else is saying. Maybe there is a WordPress widget that will just display the last time you logged on? You don’t even have to read or respond to comments, but that way even if all you manage is to open up a blog post draft, stare blankly and logout, we still know you are alive.

  22. First off, you have a pretty loyal base of readers. We wouldn’t be checking in every week (or even every month) to see if you’ve updated when updates come sporadically if the writing wasn’t good. We love your work, and we’re probably going to be reading your stuff for a while.
    However, you seem burnt out, not as a writer as much as a person. Working your ass off in college and in work burns out the best of us, and we all understand that you probably don’t really want to put hours into this.
    I’d advise you to get a vacation, your life in order, and your shit together, and you should then try to write.
    Take writing Brennus like running a race. It takes less time to recover from these injuries (being burnt out, in a bad position, etc.) than it does to hobble your way to the finishing line.
    You need to recover and get your body together and then run the race correctly, in a single stroke.
    As I said before, we will be here, and we will wait for you.

  23. Sorry for the late reply, but I agree with everyone else here. Take all the time you need, sort out your life and enjoy it. It’s as you say, the world is vast and full of wonders, and you owe it to yourself to experience them

  24. ouch Brennus on is completely bumped off top Webfictionguide rankings…looking at other novels that fall It is so hard to get back on there.
    Wish you the best, i really enjoy your stories.

  25. So that was the case huh? Well if you ever get energy again, just start writting… those that are still around will be your “true” fans, or lucky fellows stumbling at the right time =P
    I for my part am more or less the second type 😉 I am waiting for dreaming rather than brennus (or the blazing stars chapters?) but…. hey. At least I am an honest leecher.

    Just take your time, until you have energy again and have everything settled. Thanks for all the chapters so far.

    – leech left without new food. (chapters… =P)

  26. Just a suggestion, Tyche and Hecate keep ribbing Brennus about the Ravencycle. Maybe he could get irritated and ask them for a suggestion. One of them, probably Tyche with her personality, would answer “Nevermore” in a deep voice. After all, that is a Raven reference and vehicles often have names instead of titles. ^_~

  27. Still checking now and then, still curious about characters and story; you’ve done an excellent job so far and thoroughly hooked my curiosity. I’m an artist and I know how difficult this can be, especially with stress and an otherwise busy, exhausting life. Good luck – and take all the time you need, cheers

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