Patreon Update

Ok, Patreon is coming along, though I’m having two problems I need to resolve, one big, one small:

  1. It only accepts Dollars for stretch goals and all – problem being, I’ll be getting Euro, not Dollar, which means I’ll be getting less than what my donation count indicates – not much less (the rate is about 0,95:1) but still. It’s annoying. Minor issue.
  2. I’m having a real problem coming up with good rewards for backer tiers. Hell, I’m not even sure whether should have tiers. What do you guys think? Should I include tiers? If so, what kind of rewards would you like?

5 thoughts on “Patreon Update

  1. I think tiers should wait. Anything you decide to do would take time and energy that would better put to use in writing more chapters. For now treat it as a tip jar for fans of your story to use. Afterwords if you have any ides for bonus chapters or extra lore you can add in tiers later.

    • I agree with b, though I think you should put in tiers when you have the time to think about it. One of the rewards could be early access to unedited chapters where the fans can tell you what they think and correct any mistakes( like beta reading). The benefits are twofold, it gives fans who donate something cool and it let’s you get some quick editing before release.

  2. One tier – Early updates (you put them on patreon 2/3 days before this site, or until the next chapters ready)
    Higher tiers – chapter requests, cameo requests, character requests (feel free to set that a fifties or hundreds or whatever)
    Other tiers – Maybe the ability to see special artwork, if you’ve thought about getting any, before other people.

  3. I don’t really care about tiers, for me the benefits should come naturally from hopefully taking a little pressure off from your work so you have more time and energy for writing.

    Of course I couldn’t afford to reach any tiers higher than the lowest one anyway, so I might be slightly biased.

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