B13.8 Call of the Sleeper

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Basil knew he wasn’t the most… sensible person out there. He often overlooked people’s feelings, not out of malice or a lack of care, he thought, but simply because they tended to seem so… unimportant, compared to everything else on his mind. The inventions, the science, the fight against evil, the fight for good… compared to all that, there was precious little time to worry about how others were feeling, oftentimes, and there’d been steadily less and less time, to boot.

Still, he would have needed to be blind, deaf and an imbecile not to notice that something was seriously wrong with his friend. Dalia looked like she’d been crying a lot, in a very short time. The little bit of mascara she tended to wear even underneath her mask, against his recommendation, had run down her cheeks in two quickly fading black streaks; her eyes were bloodshot and all of that was visible because she wasn’t wearing her mask.

Stepping forward, he put himself between her and the junior heroes, if only for appearances sake, reaching out to put his hand on her right shoulder, as Hecate was hanging onto her left one, her arms around Dalia’s torso.

He squeezed it, feeling her tremble, then calm a bit. “Welcome back,” he spoke as softly as he could, trying not to show the anger he was starting to feel.

Someone had hurt her badly. He could tell. He could see it in her eyes.

That someone was going to hurt a lot, if he could in any way arrange it.

First, though, he had to take care of her. Or at least help do it.

“Thanks, guys,” she said in a wavering voice as she reached out, grabbing him by the shoulder and pulling him in so she could hug him along with Hecate.

He barely managed to get his rifle out of the way before he was being crushed against her – she definitely wasn’t watching her strength, squeezing as hard as she could. Not that he, or Hecate, were going to complain.

After a good half-minute of that, he finally pulled back, though gently. They weren’t exactly in a situation where they could afford to spend too much time on this, as much as he felt it necessary.

“Tyche, what-” he began, trying to inquire as to what happened to her while they were separated, but she cut him off as she looked up from embracing Hecate, her eyes painful to look at, but determined.

“I know where she is,” she spoke, her voice firmer than before, as if the little group hug had actually helped her a bit. He certainly hoped it did. “I know where Dusu is, and what way to take to her. But we need to hurry.”

Basil was still trying to process that statement when Hecate spoke up. “It’s ‘which way’, not ‘what way’,” she corrected Dalia, her voice wavering, as if she was on the verge of tears herself.

“Drop dead, Grammazon,” Dalia replied with a smile. “Any-way, we should hurry before more of these losers show up, right?” She looked at everyone else.

“I have a few questions, actually,” Tartsche spoke, coming closer with the others. “But you’re right, we should get away from here. First, though, I must insist we check you.”

“Check me?” Dalia asked in confusion, though Basil immediately picked up on what Tartsche meant.

As reasonable as it was, he still felt like slapping him over the head for possibly putting her in more distress. “He means that he wants to make sure you are not under some form of mind control or other coercion, and that you are actually who you say you are,” he explained calmly. “Remember the infiltrator protocols I made you memorise?”

She nodded, as understanding dawned on her face.

“Wait, you guys have your own infiltrator protocols?” Spellgun asked, sounding surprised.

“Of course!” he and Hecate replied in tune.

The junior heroes, minus Gloom Glimmer and Osore, looked at them in surprise.

Tartsche was the first one to recover. “Well, anyway, we don’t actually need that right now, provided that Gloom Glimmer’s power is cooperating?” He looked at his teammate, who’d pulled her hood up to hide her face, again, her cape falling over her shoulders to hide most of her form, other than the toes of her feet, clad in the black cloth of her suit.

She nodded, stepping forward. “I have just the power for that,” she spoke, her voice a little more normal than usual, without the odd harmonics beneath it that tended to freak Hecate out so much. “Do you consent to me using an Esper power on you, Tyche?”

“I get a choice? ” Dalia asked, surprised. “I figured you’d insist on it anyway.”

Gloom Glimmer shook her head. “I’d rather do this with your permission. It’s rather invasive, after all, and you have no way to tell whether I’ll look at more than just whether or not you really are who you say you are and whether you’re under the influence of another power.”

The redhead surprised them all by chuckling, as if amusing. “Go ahead,” she said with a sad, brittle smile. “Can’t be worse than what’s already happened.”

Basil’s grip on his rifle tightened, hard.

Gloom Glimmer reached out with both hands, as Hecate stepped back, letting go of Dalia’s torso to hold her hand instead. She put her hands onto the redhead’s temples, gently, and lowered her head, standing there quietly for a few moments.

Then she stepped back, letting her arms fall down and disappear beneath her cloak. “She’s clean,” she announced, as her hands rose again, dropping two blue-and-white pills onto her palm, swallowing them quickly. “Can’t find any sign of mental tampering and she’s definitely whom she appears to be.”

Tartsche nodded, looking relieved. “Great. Sorry about that.” He gave Tyche an apologetic smile.

“Nah, don’t knock it,” she replied easily. “Only good sense. So, are we  gonna get going before these bozos wake up?” She nodded towards the downed villains.

“Yes, let us get moving,” Basil agreed. “You can tell us what you found out while we are on the move.”

He looked around at the others, to see if anyone disagreed. No one did, and so they left, running (in Gloom Glimmer’s case, floating) after Dalia as she ran down the hallway.


The group quickly passed by the entrapped, unconscious Chronicle and ran down the hallway that Basil, Polymnia and Gloom Glimmer had come from earlier.

“So, how do we get to Dusu, and how do you know where she is?” Basil asked Dalia, keeping pace with her with some effort – apart from Tartsche, he was the only one in the group who didn’t have an enhanced physique, and unlike him, Tartsche hadn’t just come out of heavy melee combat with a sword-wielding lunatic.

“We’ve got to get to the train station – they have trains running through this entire place!” Dalia replied, looking at him over her shoulder.

He was glad to see that, now that she had something to do, she looked better, if marginally so.

“We’ve got to take the D1-line West – I came with the East line – to the D-hub, then take the D-line North to the main hub. From there, we can take the A-Line to the A-hub, and the A3-line to the last stop. That’s where Dusu’s lab is ‘posed to be, according to the guy I got this from!”

“Who’s that?” Hecate asked, as she stuck close to her friend without any apparent strain.

I need some proper power armour again, Basil thought in annoyance, even as he listened closely. Lugging this much gear around is such a pain, no matter how much I reduce the weight.

“Some guy named Im-Immanuel,” she replied, tripping over the name. “A creepy German guy, not that that’s anything unusual.”

“Immanuel, huh?” Gloom Glimmer spoke up while flying closer, briefly touching Basil on the back.

He almost yelped when he lifted off, floating along with her, though he reigned it in – and his legs immediately made their gratitude known.

“Yeah, weird name, right? Do you know him?” Dalia asked, looking forward again.

Basil frowned. He’d have expected her to keep looking over her shoulder and rely on her power not to trip up or run into anything. It might have been nothing, just a whim, but it felt more significant, considering the state she was in.

“No, unless he’s the famous eighteenth-century philosopher,” Gloom Glimmer replied. “It’s not the most popular name ever, but it’s pretty common in the German states, as well as other parts of continental Europe, though usually in a different spel- ah, but this isn’t important at all.” She popped another one of her pills.

Basil took note of that, if only because he’d finished analysis of the one he’d filched a while ago, and knew just what they did. Or didn’t do. I wonder whether I should tell her… but then again, I doubt Lady Light of all people would be lying to her daughter out of malicious reasons.

“Well, he hinted that he was, at least, old enough to know Weisswald, even though he looked like an early twenties sex god,” Dalia said casually.

“Yeah, that makes him even more trustworthy than just the fact that he’s in this place,” Bakeneko threw in with a sneer.

“I know, I didn’t trust him, either, but…” She paused, apparently searching for the right way to phrase things. “Everything he told me has been true so far, and… he said he wants us to find Dusu.”

“Did he say why he’d want that? It sounds mightily suspicious,” Polymnia spoke as she jogged along.

Dalia nodded, without turning around. “Yeah, he said he thought she wasn’t really worth the effort to support anymore, and this is some kinda last test for her to prove she’s worth being around, otherwise she might as well get whatever she deserves.”

“Now that’s just gotta be bo-” Bakeneko began to say.

“That makes sense,” Gloom Glimmer interrupted her, speaking quietly. “The Gefährten have done this before, like that mess in Chicago a while ago. That was them putting the former Ascendant to the test.”

“Wait, the Ascendant is a member of these madmen!?” Tartsche and Spellgun asked in concert, sounding shocked. Everyone else was staring at Gloom Glimmer as well, at the same time.

“Yes, I… heard about it from Dad. The Ascendant is a legacy that’s belonged to the Gefährten since the beginning, really. But the former holder wasn’t living up to his duties – making more people have origins and manifest – so they gave him one last chance to prove he was worthy of the name. Now that he’s failed, there’s probably an all new Ascendant, somewhere around here,” she explained.

They took a right turn down another hallway, finally leaving the waxen section behind. Not that cold steel was any more comfortable or anything, just more… normal.

“So this is a reasonable course of action for these people?” Basil asked, wanting to make sure.

“As far as I know, yes,” Gloom Glimmer replied firmly. “I’m not an expert on them, obviously, but it fits.” She fell quiet for a moment. “Say, where’d you meet this guy? He must be pretty high up in the hierarchy here, to make a decision like that.”

Dalia gestured up towards the roof and ahead. “On the top of that huge-ass tower in the middle of this fucking place. Some kind of meditation chamber, it was.”

Basil, Gloom Glimmer and Polymnia traded glances; he could tell they realised what that meant.

“What did you just think?” Hecate asked, looking back at the three of them over her shoulder, running ahead with Dalia. “You three were trading very knowing looks there.”

“Gloom Glimmer used a danger sense earlier, when she found Polymnia and me,” Basil explained. “Among other things, it told her that there was a massive threat at the top of that tower, someone more dangerous than even the Dark.”

That caused a few moments of silence.

“Oh,” Dalia said, almost gasping. “Fits, I guess… he was really extraordinarily scary, as nice as he was…”

“What can you tell us about him?” Basil pressed the issue, as he reconsidered just how much he could afford to trust her right now – if this was someone more dangerous than the Dark, so likely more powerful than the Dark and someone who was also old enough to have known Weisswald, then it stood to reason that he might be powerful or skillful (or both) enough to evade detection by Gloom Glimmer, as powerful as she might be.

“He… he was really way, way pretty, like,” she began to reply, her speech a little stuttering. “Like, the prettiest guy I’ve ever seen, ever,” she continued, speeding up. “He didn’t use any obvious power or anything, not that I noticed.”

They reached a small train station that was, like most of the complex so far, completely abandoned, both train tracks empty.

Slowing down, then stopping near the edge, they gathered around Dalia, though they kept a little distance, so as not to crowd her; only Hecate remained right next to her, still holding onto her hand, squeezing it in support.

“He just… well, he just talked to me. But… he knew a lot. WAY too much,” she whispered, looking down at her feet. “He knew, he knew about my equipment… he knew how my power worked better than I do… he knew my name.” She shuddered, as several people around her gasped, and Hecate stepped even closer, letting go of Dalia’s hand to wrap her arm around her waist instead, pulling her into a hug.

“Oh Tyche, I… I’m so sorry,” she whispered, putting her other arm around her, as well.

Dalia turned fully towards her and embraced her in turn, hiding her face against the side of Hecate’s hood.

Basil was pretty sure she was crying.

He… he wasn’t sure how to describe how he felt. Wrath was too soft a word to describe it.

Worse yet…

If he could find out hers, does he know that of the others here? Or would he only find out if we came too close, if he found out via his power?

He looked around at the others, seeing various degrees of shock and outrage on their faces… and no small amount of fear.

Gloom Glimmer was hard to read, her face and body almost entirely hidden, but her mouth was set in a tight line. She had no reason to be worried herself – her identity was public anyway, and anyone who tried to go after her family rather than her deserved what they got, but she seemed angry nonetheless.

Polymnia, Tartsche, Spellgun and Bakeneko looked fearful. Each of them had a secret identity, and (likely) family to care about, even if Aimihime, at least, didn’t like her father all that much.

It was impossible to read Osore and Basil frankly didn’t know a thing about the boy other than that he was ethnically Japanese. He really should have asked Aimihime more about her boyfriend, what kind of friend failed to even think of that…

He couldn’t see Hecate’s face right then, but he knew her well enough to know that she must be terrified, seeing how tight she was with her (very expansive) family.

Basil himself… well, if there was a villain out there – mayhaps a really powerful telepath? – whom could find out secret identities easily, or whom had an organisation with the resources to do so, even for obscure, young heroes like Dalia, then that was a problem, but not so much for himself. His only family was Amy, and she certainly didn’t need any protection from enemies who’d be interested in someone of his level.

Still, I need to talk to Amy about this… assuming she doesn’t kill me after this stunt.

Just then, the train arrived. A quick look at the driver’s cabin as it passed showed that it was automated, and the doors opened smoothly.

They entered, together, Dalia disentangling herself from Hecate to do so.

Inside, the train car was… surprisingly normal. Simple, lightly padded seats with red cotton covers. Everyone sat down, with nothing better to do, except for Basil, who leaned against the window right next to the seat that Dalia and Hecate sat down on together, putting Dalia between himself and the Greek witch; Gloom Glimmer didn’t so much sit as move into a lotus position in mid-air, lowering herself until she was level with the seat that Polymnia sat on, since the latter’s armour took up a little too much space to make for comfortable sharing of the seat.

The others also paired up – Bakeneko and Osore, and Tartsche and Spellgun, the four of them facing him and his team, while Gloom Glimmer and Polymnia sat at a right angle to the rest, their seats facing the back of the train.

“Is that why you are not putting your mask on?” Basil asked in a soft voice, looking down at Dalia as he folded his arms in front of his chest.

“Oh, that?” She looked up with a surprised expression on her tired face, fresh tear tracks visible on her cheeks, through her mascara. “I completely forgot about this, sorry…” She pulled a tissue paper out of a pocket of her leather jacket, spitting on it a few times before she wiped the mascara off her face, then she pulled her mask back on. “I guess, yeah, I didn’t see the point, so I forgot about it,” she said, her voice now slightly muffled by the mask.

Basil relaxed, just a little bit – he hadn’t even noticed, but he was glad she had the added protection against strikes or shots to her head, even with the opening for her red hair in the back, he’d been more tense than he would otherwise have been while she’d been so exposed.

“What else can you tell us about this Immanuel? Did he give you any hints as to what his power is, or his true designs?” And how much did he really know about your power? Basil wasn’t sure he wanted to draw too much attention to that, not with the junior heroes around. Anything he said might move up the ladder, in time, and a probability manipulator would be a prime target for recruitment, maybe even more so than himself.

“As I said, he was… nice,” she spoke, her head lowered and her hand holding tightly onto Hecate’s. “Even while he… spoke about some… troubling things… private things.” She looked up at the junior heroes. “I’m sorry, you’re all great and all, but…”

Tartsche raised a hand, looking surprisingly calm in spite of the situation. “We understand. You don’t have to tell us about that. Just tell us any salient information you may have on him.”

“Um… there’s one thing that stuck out. He seemed to have some kind of… well, when I asked him where you guys all were, he immediately knew, and could point it out to me,” she replied quietly. “Like, knew it down to which level of the tower you were in, or that B-Six here and the Popprincess broke out with some anti-EMP stuff. But he said it was ‘a pain’ to keep track of you.” She looked at Gloom Glimmer.

They all looked at her, and Basil, at least, felt very curious about what that could mean.

“That could mean he’s a pretercognitive,” Gloom Glimmer explained calmly. “I know that some aspect of my power messes with them, though I don’t know what, exactly. I can’t do it deliberately, at least.”

“Preter-what?” Aimi and Dalia both asked at the same time, and with nearly the same voice.

“Pretercognitives are particular sub-category of Espers…” Basil began to answer…

“What did I tell you about Exposition, Brennus!?” Hecate snapped, pointing an accusatory finger at him.

Oh, come on… “Two sentences or less…” he grumbled, remembering one of her many, many lectures.

“And you remember the penalty for breaking that rule?” she pressed on.

No more free food at your family restaurants, he thought as he nodded. “Yeah.”

She nodded. “Good. Continue.”

He grumbled something under his breath about people who were ungrateful about getting detailed information and continued, trying to ignore the amused looks everyone else was giving him.

“Pretercognitives are a sub-category of Espers, specifically Post-, Peri- and Precognitives; that is to say, people who view, in some manner, the past, present or future. They are the rarest form of Espers and some of the most powerful and interesting powers out there, particularly the various forms of Precognition, belong to that class,” he said, stopping before he could actually recount the sum of his knowledge about the subject – and he’d researched it extensively, for various reasons.

Gloom Glimmer nodded. “Also, they’re known for having strange interactions and suffering interference from some kinds of powers, of which mine appears to be one. Sometimes, they work on me just fine and sometimes… not.”

“Alright, so we can reasonably assume that he has some form of Pretercognition, though he may also simply have been patched into their computer and surveillance systems – there ought to be more security around here than we have noticed so far,” Basil followed. “Anything else?” He asked, after the others nodded.

Dalia shook her head. “Not really. I mean, he might have been a telepath, to figure out so much about me, but… he also knew stuff I didn’t know about, so… I dunno.”

“Where all the things he knew that you didn’t know just about your power? Because if so, he might have some kind of power analysis ability,” Hecate proposed.

Her friend shook her head, though. “No, he knew more than that.”

They looked at each other, Basil, Hecate and Dalia, before falling quiet.

That’s it then. I don’t have the foggiest idea what kind of power he might have, beyond it being some form of Pretercognition, which might mean anything, Basil thought to himself.

“Uh, this is all fun and all,” Spellgun spoke up, making everyone look up at him. “But we’re kind of ignoring the fact that, whatever his power is, it probably doesn’t matter if Gloomy is right and he’s just going to let us take on Dusu. We should maybe focus on that, first, then worry about him.”

“What if he, however, objects to us leaving after we’ve performed this little ‘test’ for his subordinate?” Basil countered, perhaps a little more sharply than he needed to.

He really was, rather extraordinarily so, angry, even if he had so far managed to keep it simmering beneath the surface.

“Then we deal with that later,” Spellgun stood his ground, setting his jaw. “Let’s focus on our immediate problems, and worry about the rest if and when we get to it.” He looked around at everyone in turn, as if challenging them to disagree, but no one spoke up.

He does have a point, after all, Basil thought. “So be it then,” he agreed, finally. “Our next issue, then…”

“Excuse me,” Polymnia spoke up, raising a hand as if she was in school. “I do actually have something huge to talk about!”

They all looked at her, but she was looking just at Basil… or rather, at his left gauntlet.

Ah, right, I forgot that this would happen…

“Brennus, you have a force-field projector!” she spoke intently, her vocaliser sounding far too human. “That’s a huge thing! When did you come up with it, when did you find the time to build it? What else can it do, other than that shield? And do you think you can make more? And what is it with that thing attached to your thigh?” She finished by pointing at the ovoid that was magnetically attached to his thigh armour.

Everyone’s attention was on him, now, ranging from curiosity to concern to… well, he wasn’t sure what Hecate was thinking, exactly, but she seemed amused.

“My gauntlet’s a force-field projector, yes. I came up with it after we worked on the Arc Caster… well, it’d be more accurate to say that working on the Arc Caster allowed me to finally finish some fragmentary ideas I have had for a while now. I cannibalised some other projects of mine and assembled this prototype.” Polymnia looked like she wanted to say something, but he pressed on, turning to the other new invention he’d brought along. “As for th-“

He was interrupted, suddenly, when the lights went out, from one moment to the next, followed by red emergency lighting turning on.

Everyone who was seated jumped up, reading powers and weapons, but the train kept driving, though slowing down.

“What happened!?” Tartsche asked, his voice firm. “Gloom Glimmer, do you see anything?”

“No! I was looking out for anything dangerous or such, but I didn’t see anything coming!” Gloom Glimmer replied as she floated up by a few inches, her cape billowing open. Her hands were clenched into fists. “But we definitely just… enterd the territory of some kind of power. A dimensional shift? Yeah, I think that’s it – we’re in some kind of pocket dimension.”

The train slowed further, then stopped, and the doors opened.

Basil traded glances with Hecate, before he turned around to look at Gloom Glimmer. “Can you get us out of here? Straight out, with some kind of power?”

She shook her head. “No, I’m sorry… dimensional travel is a rare one, even for me,” she replied. “And this place… it is protected, somehow. People aren’t supposed to get out, even with that kind of power, I think.”

“So then… how can we get out?” Tartsche asked, holding an assault rifle in each hand. Basil was pretty sure they were loaded with lethal ammo, unlike the usual rubber bullets he fired back in New Lennston.

“I figure we have to find whoever made it and get them to let us out. I’m certain they’re in here with us, somehow,” she answered.

“No use in dallying then,” Basil said, loading a new shot into his rifle. “Let us go out and look for them.”


As soon as they stepped out of the train car onto a dark floor made of regular squares, Basil immediately noticed something new.

“I am glowing red,” he said flatly, looking down at his left hand, turning it so he could look from every direction. It – and the rest of his body – was surrounded by a halo of soft, almost imperceptible red light.

Looking around, he saw that all the others were surrounded by the exact same glow.

“Any idea what this means?” Spellgun asked, holding tightly onto his rifle.

“I… think it has something to do with… not being part of this reality?” Gloom Glimmer said. “Ugh… I think this is a contrivers work, it’s not usually this hard to figure a power out… but I think we should look out for anyone with a differently coloured glow about them.”

“I CAN’T ASK FOR A LINE MORE STRAIGHT THAN THAT!” a female voice boomed from all around them.

Basil raised his rifle, turning in a circle to survey their surroundings quickly.

They were in a huge, bare room, so large that the walls and ceiling couldn’t be seen – just a floor made of perfectly regular, glossy black squares, fitted so tightly they seemed almost like a solid piece, illuminated by a light that seemed to have no source, casting soft shadows on the ground.

The only break in the pattern were the train tracks and the car they had come in on, which seemed to come from and go to nowhere.

Then, in the distance with the train car in Basil’s back when he looked in that direction, a glow appeared, a glowing white point that extended into lines spreading over the sky.

“Uh, guys, I’m feeling some really, really, really powerful magic around here…” Hecate said in a hushed, almost awed voice.

“Oh shit,” came from several mouths all at once.

Basil stayed quiet, aiming in the direction of the light with his rifle, even as the lines formed mystical designs, pentacles, circles and other diagrams, several layers of them, interlocked and shifting.

Finally, a person appeared in the distance, walking closer.

He was tall, a man built like a bodybuilder’s ideal, muscular without being  ridiculous about it; he wore a silver bodysuit and a white cape, his curly blonde hair slicked back over his head, his face open, friendly and honest. The kind of face you could instantly trust in a crisis, who’d console even the most despondant, panicked innocent. His smile was all the same, only even more so.

He was surrounded by a soft blue glow.

Dalia was the first one to manage coherent words at the sight. “Guys… isn’t that… the Protector!?

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  1. Yes! New chapter, that’s great now then first thing s first:

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      • No problem, glad to help when I can.

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        For example, Sovereign is considered an S-Class, but that’s just political, too – he’d be pissed if he WASN’T considered one, even though he technically only rates A-Class (he needs a vast infrastructure to be that dangerous, personally).

        Lady Light and the Dark are technically S-Class due to their political, personal AND cultural power, but they don’t formally meet the requirements.

      • First off it seems the correction on:
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        – By the same token you said Mold’s power tends to wear off when used on living things but does that include healing if she chose to heal people(that are not one of her friends as I gathered that would be different).I was wondering about that because turning a hurt human into a healthy human is something that could naturally happen as unhurt is a state that’s natural for a living being as opposed as being made of salt for example.

        – How rare is Move’s kind of teleportation ?

        – Make can create beings with powers which stay around as long as she focuses on them, so what are the exact limits of the powers she can impart to her creation and do the effects of her creations’ powers fade away with them ?

        – Are teleporters feared as well as coveted ?

        – Is Journey man the Franz-Peter Ismael Goldschmidt of another reality where instead of being afraid of whatever was behind the gate he embraced it ?

        – Am I right thinking that self duplicators are rated as Spawners ?

      • In reverse order:

      • Yes.
      • Definitely No.
      • Feared? No more than most powers, in general. Coveted? If they can take other people/stuff along, very much so.
      • Pretty much any power, but she has to be able to fully imagine all of its effects for it to work, so there’s a hard limit as to how powerful/versatile she can make a creation simply due to being limited to the mind of an (insane) teenage girl.
      • Very rare.
      • Wears off when used on metahumans, faster the more powerful said metahuman is. Doesn’t wear off on normal people. Healing metahumans would wear off, but likely slow enough that the body would be able to “catch” up and fix it itself (wound only slightly opens again, over time, body patches it up bit by bit rather than having to deal with the whole wound at once)
      • No physique powers. Move had a vastly enhanced spatial sense, able to tell where everything within a certain range (~200m) of her is and its relation ot her. Mold could analyse any object she could see by focusing on it (focus on a car, get a sense for all of its parts, how they connect and allow her to mold it at will; same for people’s bodies). Make was always 100% aware of where anything she made was and what state it was in. Due to a quirk in their powers, they were connected – Move could always locate the other two, even across the planet, Mold was always perfectly aware of their bodies’ make-up and state, Make was always aware of the other two, as well.
      • Praise be to me.

      • Well then in reverse order of your reverse order:

        Praise thee great one.

        – Hmm so they have what can amount to required secondary powers ? Seems rather logical in hindsight, now then:
        1) Move is aware of the position of everything within a radius of 200m, so that means everything up to the smallest speck of dust, nothing escapes her notice ? If so does she have some kind of multitasking to keep track and focus on each of those things or can she just focus on one at a time ?
        2)So Mold can analyse well things but how deep can that analyse go ? Can she get Molecular, Atomic or even subatomic reads and understand those too ? If so can she remember the data she ges from this ?
        3)Hmmm…Seems rather logical plus it makes concentrating on her creation(and given her state she needs all the help she could get with that) easier allows her to now when they need her to fix them or if something is amiss wherever she sent them.
        4)Those quirks with their powers is interesting which makes me wonder about their manifestation quite a bit, especially what made them connected like this and did not do that to the Chicago four, of course it might be because they qare either second gens or that unlike the Chicago four they knew each other beforehand. Hope they get loose at some point to see them in action, or that we get a interlude about them at one point.

        – Ah, so Mold would be a adequate healers for regular people and even for Metas, though for the latter I think that it might not do for some wounds wonder if she could have fixed Prisca. Guess the fading on metas things is linked to the effect Laura talked about in Vra’s story. Tenants not liking other infriging on their host I would guess or something to that effect.

        – Ah so she is not a unique snowflake, would one of her parents happen to have a power ressembling that even tangentially as the three ARE the children of UH people.

        – So limited by what she can accurately conceive of, got it people are lucky she is in such a state of mind then. I notice you did not answer if the effects of her creations’ powers linger after said creations disappear.

        – Okay, well I guess someone capable of popping up anywhere any time in a world with telepaths and shapeshifter is less scary. Those who can telefrag though MUST be feared. By the by I asked if Move kind of Teleportation was rare but I forgot to asked if Teleportation itself was rare. So is it rare ?

        – Aw shucks so that means the Sleeper is not an alternate deforemed Gwen Whitetaker ?

        – Okay then, so how rare is Self duplication(I know the UH have some working for them but still)and what would a Godtier self duplicator be like ? And I’ll add that if a duplicator has other powers, said duplicator must be a nightmare, well past a certain level of course, are there people like that around ?

      • Last answers for today, anything else I’ll get to after some sleep.

      • Down to, let’s say, flea size? anything smaller than that, she’d miss. No particular multitasking ability, but still very hard to surprise. Smartest of the trio
      • Not molecular, but close. No enhanced understanding, only instinctive.
      • There’ll definitely be more on the three in the future, in some form, but that’s all I’ll say.
      • It is linked to the Coltenhagen Effect, yes.
      • One of their parents had a limited teleportation-like power (teleports from A to B via line of sight, creates trail of sleep gas inbetween).
      • Whether or not the effects stick around depend on the power in question.
      • Very, very few teleporters are as powerful as that. Most have very stringent limitations (only within line of sight, only within X metre/kilometre, must have been there before, only from material X to other material X, etc). Telefragging is very rare. Upper levels of teleportation are very rare, lesser ones not so much.
      • No.
      • Not particularly rare. God-tier would be, for example, rapid large-number self-duplication (like, create 50+ copies within seconds and keep doing it), or making duplicates that can make duplicates, or be able to duplicate others including powers (that one might be transcendent, depending on the particulars/limits), and so on. Too many examples to count right now. There are some with other secondary powers, or duplication as a secondary power, yes.
      • Eh, I had already turned in myself when you posted that.

        – Down to flea size…That’s very very impressive, as for the lack of multitasking ability one could say her enemies are lucky she is lacking any form of it, btw just to check,she has no mass limit does she ?

        – Ah, so quasi molecular and instinctive understanding not bad…I was wondering, given the nature of her power of Molding things she should be able to give some enhancements to people if so did she enhance herself and her friends(she can heal herself so she might be able to do more), and given her link to her friends(I do have a theory about that one btw)the beneficial modifications she does on them should not wear off, granted she may not come up with the idea herself but I could see move think of something like that.

        Hell make could create something whose power is to enhance or give power to others to further empower her friends and agains I could see move suggesting that kind of thing.

        – Good thing we will get to see more of them in future(well see them at all)I just hope the form in question won’t be as a meal to the Baba Yaga…Oh boy those three powers in one person*le shudder*especially if said person can Heterodyne them.

        – Coltenhagen effect, yes that’s the one the name was eluding me and as I previously said I think it comes from either the tenats being territorial with their hosts or energy interference between them.

        – Was that power part of a larger power set or was it on it’s own ? it’s an odd one, but I like those kind of things even though I cannot fathom what promted that exact manifestation.

        – Okay, thanks for the info as for the telefrag, well for some reason I suspect that some people capable of it might be hiding it to use as a trump card if necessary.

        – You do realise I was not being serious with the Journeyman and Sleper thing right ? To me Journeyman is Jack the Janitor as for the sleeper I have no idea what it might be. Point Zero really was the beginning of Metahumanity right, there wasn’t an age of metas before in times long past ?

        – Okay so it is ,relatively speaking of course, rather common as for the God tier version it seems rather troublesome i would like more examples of what it entails if you have time.
        So there are Self Duplicators with other powers out there boy if one of those has high end teleportation to go with it…(that was something that came into my mind when I tried to imagine what kind of abilities might warrant an S class threat classification when not counting political or cultural power).

        – Can power Mimic Like Daijisi or the Baba Yaga Heterodyne the powers they copy ? Or for that matter if the Baba Yaga ate Daijisi and used his power would it mean she could use four powers through Daijisi’s power and tow others coming from her other meals ?

      • Mass limit of about… 10 to 25 tons? it waxed and waned.
      • Mods would wear off pretty quickly on the three of them.
      • Heterodyning requires at least two metahumans, not two powers
      • No, it was a single power. Nothing else. Her origin was being captured by a slaver ring, shipped off along with other women to be sold off. Captors abused and tormented them during voyage, depriving of sleep. Manifested when it was her turn to be “broken” and she was trying to escape them.
      • Point Zero was the beginning of Metahumanity, in spite of crackpot theories that the age of myth tells of ancient metahumans.
      • If Baba Yaga ate him, she could use his power to copy other powers. Would be kind of a waste for her, though, since she’d be better off just eating those people, too.
      • About Duplication, the power usually comes without other high-end powers. Barring a few out-there examples, if Duplication shows up, it’S the main power of the set, without other powers or with lesser powers tied to it.
        A self-duplicator with high-end teleportation would not rate S-Class on his own, no.
        What kind of examples would you like, specifically?

      • – Ah so she does have a mass limit, dunno why but I thought she did not.

        – Okay, so their link would not allow them to use the others’ power to enhance themselves for the long term, pity but good to know.

        – Ah so that also applies in the cases of people mimicking or stealing powers from multiple sources, good to know such people cannot do it by themselves.

        – Interesting and yeah the power she got makes sense in context, plus it had to have been very useful when non lethaly dealing criminals.

        – Good to know, just wanted to make sure and I still have no theory on what the Sleeper miht actually be or how it relates to powers.

        – Ah, so she could only copy powers with it not use abilities Daijisi might already have aquired before dining with the Baba Yaga(if he power keeps track of the people he copied).

        – Ah, okay as for the specific power set I had thought about for the S class threat it was a duplicator capable of making duplicates of himself and everything he had on him(up to added 150kg gear as long as it’s in contact with him or within something in contact with him like say a backpack)said duplicates could create duplicates too, has a field à la Protector with strenght, durability and flight to equal level but not the blasting or perception abilities, High end regen if hurt, super intelligence as a side effect of the field supercharging his brain, unlimited multitasking as a side effect of the duplication which runs on a hivemind with shared senses between the bodies no matter the distance, high end ultra fast teleportation with telefrag capabilties and a ten tons mass limit PER DUPLICATE, ie the more duplicates he made the more mass could be moved.

        As for what example I would want well, you said that were to many exmaples to count right now about god tier duplicqation I just wanted a bit more about that nothing more(sorry for being annoying)

        – Are the heroes who were posted in New Lennston before being called on the wall show up at one point ? Also are they one of the most”stacked” team in the country due to New Lennston being well New Lennston or are they in the norm of regular cities UH teams ?

      • It was mentioned earlier that they’re on their way back, just as the team makes its way on their little excursion.
      • New Lennston’s team is one of the strongest in the USA, but not top 3. That goes to NYC, San Francisco (base of the Feral Family) and Austin.
      • She’d get his power, not his copied powers.
      • I’d really want to know what origin you have in mind for that combination of powers. Also, unless he can self-duplicate infinitely, he’s still no S-Class threat.
      • Some example duplicators (not all on the same rating)…

        Hydra – old-school villain from the late 20s. Any time he took a hit, he’d split into two, with each duplicate being able to further split upon taking damage. No real limit on how many duplicates, but they got progressively dumber the more were made, until they couldn’t even stand up straight anymore.

        Zomboy – creates duplicates of himself that begin to rot pretty quickly, dying off within about an hour of their creation, but has no upper limit as to how many he could do, except that he can only make one at a time (took about 3 seconds each).

        Necromonger – major villain of the early seventies. Could create permanent duplicates of himself by touching human corpses, shaping them into copies of himself. If he used it on metahuman corpses, they’d have the original’s powers. Killed by Lady Light and the Dark after he crossed the line, killing over twenty teenagers with powers who’d been gathered for an attempt to make a super-school, to make duplicates of their corpses.

        Argus – Greek superhero. He can create stationary duplicates of himself that share senses with him and can fire laser beams from their eyes. Last until killed or dispelled by him, he can have up to twenty-four at a time.

        Matryoshka – Russian metahuman, a member of the Frozen family. She’s just a living skin, no internal organs or bones. Wraps herself around a victim, taking control of their body and getting nutrients off of them. Can spawn duplicates of whomever she’s currently got inside her, who are under her control. The more duplicates she makes, the faster her victim wastes away, and once they’re dead, so are all the duplicates she made.

        Red Quartett – Russian hero, formerly a member of the Red Army. He had four minor powers – heat beams from the eyes, powerful waterhose-attack from the hands, super-breath giving him the ability to fly clumsily or blow people away, could gather earth/rocks/concrete around legs and then launch it via kicking. Could split himself, but had to split his powers among his duplicates, at least one per duplicate, limiting him to four at most. Got eaten by Baba Yaga.

        The Eighth – monstrous metahuman from Northern Africa, looked like a large person-sized sized bug-monster. Spawned permanent duplicates of self upon killing a human (didn’t need the corpse or anything, just had to kill; eight at a time). S-Class threat, killed by Sovereign and the Olympians (primary greek superteam).

      • – Ah, my bad then for some reason it must have slipped my mind.

        – Okay then, well yeah I guess the place having a shining guardian has to be at the top, also San Fransico ? is there a reason for the Feral Family being there or is it just because that’s where they have their roots ?Also funny how NYC always ends up with the stacked superteams.

        – Ah yeah that does make devouring Daijisi useless, well unless she uses his power to copy weak abilities and pump them to Apex level(which I think is something Daijisi’s power allows him to do)something I do not think she can do on her own.

        – Was the”chief” of a small nomadic community in the outback, the community was moving trying to avoid warlords and other hazardous things lurking around, they had some weapons scavenged from here and there one day they were found and attacked by a Warlord(Contriver specialiasing in”bloodmagic”fueled by blood human bones and skin and demeaning rituals) and his cohorts(empowered by their master’s magic) and the guy saw everyone he loved or even remotely cared about being killed or raped sometimes both and worse while being pinned on the ground by bone spikes(you see guy had the gall to try to kill the warlord to defend himself), said guy wanted to help the rest of his community and survive but realised he could not help everyone at once or even himself because he was not strong enough, fast enough and was aloone against an army, when the last person of the community was”sacrified”to the Warlord said warlord made the guy’s wife’s corpse raise by spitting some of his blood on it and ordered it to kill our guy slowly, at that point he manifested.

        And seriously that would not rate as S class ? damn as for if he could make Duplicate indefinatly I must say I had not thought about that. I was going with it being at least in the thousands.

      • With that origin, I’d probably give him some kind of meta-power instead, perhaps combine it with some kind of spawning or self-enhancement (not both). Definitely no teleportation. Perhaps…

      • He explodes into a mass of gore, spawning dozens of twisted, gory warriors – like bony devils covered in a veneer of muscle and tendons – that sap power effects by slashing them with their claws or biting with their teeth
      • He is killed, left behind. A little later, his brain literally slides out of his head, dragging his nervous system out of his remains; he crawls to the nearest corpse (most likely his wife, left behind) and digs his way in, replacing her brain. She gets up, still a corpse, but under his control, and he hounds his enemies, switching bodies as soon as his current one gives out or is destroyed. If the body had a power, he can use it.
      • His body melts, suddenly, into gory slime, freeing him from the bone spears as he instinctively wraps himself around his wife’s corpse, devouring it in seconds, keeping only the basic skeleton and forming muscles and tendons around it, molding himself to it. As he kills more people, he absorbs their bodies, keeping parts he needs, reinforcing himself further and further. When they have powers, he keeps their brains, allowing him to use their powers, though he can lose them if someone destroys the stored brain containing said power (he is partially transparent).
      • Well then very nice examples here I like them.

        – About Zomboy, does the primary get the knowledge or meories of the duplicates once they rot away or not ? because this can make a great difference in the uses his power can have.

        – Necromonger truly seems villain material, now could the Duplicates made from corpses create more or was it only the Prime who could do that ? Likewise did LL and the Dark need to kill all the duplicates to be sure to end him or only the prime ? Also whose bright idea was it to try to create Xavier’s school in this setting ? And more importantly did Necromonger look like Vin Diesel ?

        – Matryoshka has the potential to be very very dangerous depending on who she manages to get.

        – Wait a sec…the red quartett could split into four because he had to split his other powers between the duplicates and that guy got eaten by the Baba Yaga who has lots of powers…Oooh boy.

        – I take it the Eighth also had other stuff to warrant his classification as an S class threat, but I can see why his duplication played a big role in that.

        – Dang, those are very good ideas in my defense however I thought of the guy’s origin before we got the file on those.(I actually even had a story with that guy in mind at one point) BTW what origin would you say could make the power set I listed ?

        – Also is it just me or is the Baba Yaga actually very smart ?

        – What was Weisswald’s wife’s power ?

      • He only got the last thing(s) they sensed upon dying.
      • No, only the original necromonger had that power. The duplicates had hwatever power the corpse they were made out of had, if it had any. Killing him prevented new duplicates from being made, but they had to hunt down all the ones already created. He looked more like Colm Feore, actually.
      • Be very afraid.
      • Enormous strength, toughness, limited regeneration, flight, acid saliva and blood, plus a poisonous stinger (scorpion tail). Poison killed slowly (over a few hours), made victims go on murderous rampage. if they died while poisoned (whether from poison or other source) and any time they killed a human, the Eighth that poisoned them would create 4 duplicates
      • uff, a power as complex as that? I’m gonna raincheck on that. Not a normal origin, there’d have to be extraneous factors boosting it.
      • She’s smarter than she may appear.
      • Precognition
      • – Well that could still be used even if it is rather limited.

        – Oh well still extremely dangerous, I am sure he always had at least one duplicate out in order to assure his survival, but the idea of using a Meta school to get victims…yeah smart, less smart were those who came to said school. bet he got access to some nifty powers through that, but the way did the duplicate get instictive knowledge of it’s new power when formed or did it have to learn ?

        – …Yeah especially if each of those keep the eating part of her power set, by the way were the red Quartet’s duplicates linked ? Worked like a hive mind because if so…yeah I can see how the Baba Yaga could abuse this I am pretty sure we will be seeing a lot of her in the future, glory to the new ruler of Russia and all Sovjet states.

        – The guy”s a Zerg swarm, alright Sovereign and the Olympians did good here by the way how did a greek team get roped into this ? and are they on a level befitting their name(or have matching power sets) ?

        – Oh, so that’s the kind of thing that could happen with an Ascendant doing his/her thing or the guy manifesting with others or maybe by him being a second gen of some sort.

        – Well she doesn’t appear to be stupid to begin with in fact I instantly pegged her as smart for some reason, so if she is smarter than she appears…oh boy. While I am at it is possible to have some precisions on the powers of Kopatel and Sil’Nyy ?

        – He married a precog ? Must have been a powerful one and she must have had some physique rating too.

        – What was the first Matriarch’s exact power set ?

      • Duplicates had the memories and skills of their source, though degraded the older the corpse was.
      • The Quartett’s duplicates only had a weak link (emotions, sense direction in which the others are).
      • Greece is not THAT far away from Egypt… couldn’t risk sucha threat spilling over into their turf. The Olympians are a legacy team, usually the most powerful superheroes of greece in one team, not always fitting thematically (though they try to fit the names as much as possible, except for Zeus – the leader always gets that one, regardless of his power).
      • second-gen metas are not inherently stronger than first-gens. wouldn’t influence his power level, most likely.
      • Kopatel has a crude geokinesis he channels through tools (usually shovels and pickaxes). Sil’Nyy is simply a brick. very high physique rating.
      • No physique rating for his wife. Just a pretty powerful precog
      • She had a kind of enhanced… I suppose analysis/planning would be the right term. Really good at making intricate plans, her power working better the more needlessly complex her schemes became. Really liked traps, too. Also very good at manipulating people over the longterm.
      • Didn’t even know that Weißwald had a wife. But her power sounds really interesting. (And supports the theory that Was is still alive)

        Just wondering, did they have any kids?

      • They had, but his wife and his kids were executed after his defeat. Her power was no factor in him marrying her, btw. He just fell for her and she for him.

      • – Okay then, so very dangerous if said duplicated are made from just killed Metas like he most likely did with the youth lured for the”superschool”

        – Ah so no as dangerous as it could be onit’s own but given that the baba Yaga most likely has a whole library of powers I am pretty sure she might have one to combine with Quartett’s duplication that might just make it that terrifying. The new Queen of the Sovjet states is truly scary and that area will need a new name as Sovjet won’t be very adapted if the Baba Yaga is ruling it.

        – Point, I can see why they intervened so those guys are made up of Greece’s finest huh ? I wonder what the current Zeus’ power set is.

        – Well the way I got it the second gen are influenced by their”parent” powers so if both”parent”powers were High level the resulting second gen power should be too right ? I mean look at DiL and Gloomy(yes they are special cases but still)

        – Okay, thanks for the inforation, a bit surprised that Sil’Nyy does have anything else up her sleeve.

        – Oh ? No physique rating, so no Adonis trait ? for some reason I thought that if Weißwald would pick a wife she would have it. What really surprises me is that you said he fell for her, her falling for him might not be that surprising snce he was the leader and was charismatic smart and all, seems like the man might not have been as far gone as I thought he was.

        – Interesting set, I would also wager that she had something for her aging and looks given what we know.

        – Will we see Tachyon in action at some point in the future ? and how the hell did Lady light drive that guy off ?

        – Does the Feral Family have many(if any)true second gen Metas in it’s roster ? Has there been people linked to the family manifesting as something else than a formula based Contriver ? Did they lose many people to the Living Trinity ?

        – Would I be right to assume that the main Califate gestalt is immortal and able to share the powers of it’s members while the others are not is because it contains the guy with the power which creates said Gestalt ? And what powers does the Main Gestalt contain ?

      • There’ll be more on the situation in Russia soon, in an interlude.
      • don’t take DiL and Gloomy as indicative about… anything, regarding how metahumans usually work.
      • This was before he went completely off the reservation.
      • She had someone on her staff who kept her young. not an inherent power of hers
      • He will show up, yes.
      • Yes, yes, yes.
      • Lips are sealed on the Califate.
      • – Ah good to get some news on Russia, I guess it will be in one of the inerludes for this arc. Also something tells me the Baba Yaga will be a very important figure in the future(well even more but then I am convinced she will be the new power of what was called the Sovjet union so).

        – No info on Zeus ? Oh well I tried

        – Well I didn’t take them for Meta humans in general but for second gen ones…So I am wrong when I think the level of the”parent”powers have an influence to what level the second gen will be ?

        – Ah, that explains it must have been hard for the women to watch go off the deep end. Her power did not see it coming ?

        – Oh, Contriver or another kind of power ? and is said person working for Eloise now or did they leave when the frst Matrarch bit it ? Bit disappointed it was not inherent though as I liked the idea of the unaging queen of the underworld oh well.

        – I am not sure if that’s good or bad news…I would say it’s bad news for people on the receiving end. Also I think this guy is smart and smart enemies are the worst ones, also no data on Lady Light driving off okay then intel on her is off limits got it.

        – Okay, so is the Feral Family where there is the most true second gen in one place ? How frequent is someone linked to them manifesting outside the family’s contriving brand ? Was one of the previous holders of the Doc Feral name among those casualities ?

        – Okay Caliphate’s powers plot relevant so no information them no problem.

      • Current Zeus… what did I give him… notes, don’t betray me now!… Ah, here. The current Zeus has a powerful vocal power. Specifically, he can give orders, and apply a variety of physical penalties to people who disobey, such as ordering a criminal to surrender, or else they are struck by lightning (his favourite move). Usually non-lethal, though he can apply lethal penalties. Lots of nuances to the power, but that’s the basis.
      • Not usually a factor. Second-gens tend to be more powerful but not due to higher “power levels” – rather, due to having less flaws and restrictions, their powers fitting them better than first gens. And even that is not always true.
      • Her precognition didn’t work that way.
      • Other kind of power. Died a few years before the Matriarch bit it (couldn’t use power on himself).
      • Keep in mind that it’s really damn hard to distinguish second gens from first gens, unless you’re Lady Light and the Dark, and have deeper knowledge of things. Feral Family seems to have no more second gens than any other group that size would have – which is to say, pretty few.
      • – That’s a very frightening power when you think about it but it seems a bitt glasscannonish if the guy’s only has this of course since you said there are nuances to the power there might be something for protection.

        – So the “parent”powers being Exemplar or Transcendant tier does not affect the power a second gen would get ? I though a power coming from two Apex tier powers for example would be at that level too but better because of it taking aspects from it’s parent power to create a more refined and adapted power set.

        – .Ah well that happens I don’t know if it was better for her or not.

        – Ouch, that has to suck to be able to do such a thing for others and unable to help youself like that.

        – Okay, they have few just checking because of their numbers and reliance on Heterodyning and them being a family not just in name, by the way Mold doesn’t have any relations in the Feral family right ?(the family IS officialy part of the UH right ?).

        As for Lady light and The Dark’s deeper knowledge I would find it weird that after all thse years they remain the only ones to have it, I for one think that Immanuel and others like Heaven dancer might also have at least some of said knowledge.

        While I am on the subject I am also certain that the Dark didn’t fuck up the first classification system JUST for fun, the way I see it he did it to set back research on Metahuman powers and I am pretty sure that among the people he quietly killed over the years(read those Gwen doesn’t know about)there are people who figured out things he did not want them to figure out.

        – Say is it known who organized Su Ling’s death ? Also I am with Wyrm she could have prepared a way to escape and make people believe she died.

        – Could Emyr have Heterodyned with someone ?(not that he would have needed to but still)

      • You are applying the rating wrong. The ratings have little to do with raw power, they’re more about how difficult a power is to deal with/how useful it is. A “weaker” power can have a much higher rating than a stronger one, because it is more immediately dangerous in combat, and so on. Skill with said powers also factors in. If you try to look at first/second gen differences through the rating system, it won’t fit at all. For example, Chayot’s power is much “stronger” than Aap’s, in terms of power output, yet she has lower ratings than he does
      • Dunno if it sucked THAT much. He lived like a king until he died.
      • Doc Feral is a member of the shining guardians, who are the leaders of the fighting part of the UH (the superheroes). Would be weird if her team wasn’t a member.
      • Not gonna comment on Su Ling’s story.
      • He could’ve, yes. But really only for lateral increases – he was already at the top, after all.
      • – er I was basing that on the lecture on metas by Gloomy way back when when she gave examples of powers for the different levels, also you will note that I said more powerful never more dangerous because I do NOT believe that raw power is everything, and this story itself has proved more than once that raw power without skill only takes you so far.

        – Well yeah he might have lived good and all but knowing he can do something like that for others and not for himself must still have grated. Might be projecting on that one but still.

        – It seems logical yes but just checking to have my facts 100% straight, besides Lady Light founded the UH and was never an official meber so…

        – Ah so it is important then, noted can’t wait to get more on her in the story.

        – So Emyr DID have the ability to heterodyne was curious about that, you will most likely not aswer that but is the emrgence of another”9001″a likely thing or not ?

        – Who does Severance get on with best out of all the Shining guardians ?

        – What is Kraquok’s opinion on the Baba Yaga ?

        – Will Laura Widard appear again at one point ?

      • I gotta rewrite that lecture a bit, I think. But to be clear, second gens are not inherently more powerful than first gens, but they tend to have fewer “issues”. powers run smoother, fewer derangements, more instinctive control, etc
      • Oh, he wished he could’ve used it on himself. Still. The Matriarch made sure he lived like a freaking king until his last days.
      • There’s always powers that break the context in some way. Not necessarily to the same extent as Emyr, but it’s possible.
      • Severance is pretty popular or at least respected by all Shining Guardians. He gets on the best with Fleur and worst with Doc Feral; ‘worst’ is relative, though, they’re still pretty friendly – he just annoys her a lot and she keeps trying to figure out his power, so they keep butting heads.
      • Kraquok is worried that she’s been ignored for too long – should’ve been eliminated or recruited when she was more managable.
      • Yes, she will.
      • – Okay, got it as for the lecture I like as it is besides the way I understand it powers are an academic field so the way Gloomy approached the classification and levels during the lecture could be explained as the academic/civilian use of the classification system(after all classifying by effect potency IS useful in research) with a slightly modified field version of the same system running on threat level used by Law enforcement and military personnel.

        – Well yes that helps quite a bit still the frustration of this must be great and sometimes too high levels of frustration can prevent people from enjoying things they should sadly I have seen it happen .

        – I was thinking about the sheer potency, as for the particular kind I still think Immanuel and Ember are like Emyr but only that Emyr had more raw power somehow.

        – Eh I wonder if she knew her when she was a child after all he knew all of her predecessors. As for Fleur is he some second mentor figure ? And does he play poker with Qetzalcoatl ? More seriously though how does he get on with the guy ? or how is his relationship with Lady Light ? Is he a cool uncle to Gloomy ?

        – Well the veteran villain is right though I am not sure if she was really manageable at any point, more than now ? Sure but that’s not saying much as for killing her if I got her power right she can come back from pretty much anything eventually.

        – Good, curious to see where she will be because right now her situation is far from briliant.

        – By the way is the new chapter coming tonight or not ? I’m asking so I know for sure I am not missing the update by going to bed like 2 minutes before it’s up.

      • Emyr’s far beyond either of them. He could do anything either of them can do, and then some (though he lacked Immanuel’s skill, on account of not having had as much time to train using his powers)
      • Severence has known (and annoyed) every generation of the Feral Family. He promised the original Doc Feral that he’d never allow them to become too serious and brooding. Less mentor and more annoying but beloved uncle. Same for Gloomy (he’s one of hte few people her power can’t figure out, which just annoys the hell out of her). Quetzalcoatl doesn’t do gambling. He respects Severence for his long service and achievements, as well as his competence, but thinks he ought to be less merciful in how he treats criminals (then again, he thinks the same about nearly every hero, including Lady Light). As for Lady Light, he sees himself as the Jester to her Queen.
      • She used to have no powers other than her own, then only a few. Now she has… a lot. Ergo, less managable. She is not immortal.
      • New chapter is not coming out tonight, I’m afraid.
      • – Well Emyr could do a lot from what I guess but I still think he is like Ember Imannuel only more power for some reason and your comment makes me believe this even more.

        – So Severence is the Guardians resident troll on the top of being a smart and competent guy okay then. Also his power being able to hide from Gloomy’s is quite something. As for Quetzalcoatl i wonder are there Quetzalcoatl facts around the setting’s internet ?

        – Not immortal but capable of coming back from quite a bit, mah doesn’t change the fact that it’s too late now but I must say I have been wondering why the Dark didn’t do anything about her. I mean yes she was a thorn to the Sovjet while being at large but still.

        – Meh can wait for saturday was it ? No problem take the time you need just wanted to be sure I would miss it if it came out tonight.

      • – Yeah I can see why…

        – Say just thought of something: the Baba Yaga can do Gadgeteer powers right ?

        – About the power classification: I think you should separate the numbers and all the terms like Exemplar, Parangon, Apex, God tier and Transcendant.
        In my opinion those term should be used to denote the potency of the power regardless of it’s threat level or user while the power type/number nomanclature should be used for field information telling the operative what he is facing and the threat said power represent in his enemy’s hands.

        – Completly unrelated I think I found a way to make the power set for my tentavie S class guy work with the origin I had in mind just had to add a power, his core one actually: After everything happened the guy manifested as he was being killed his power being possessing the one that kills him taking over the person’s body and absorbing their skills and memories plus the possion enhances the body making it faster, strong, more agile and give the guy complete awareness of it inluding all the automatic responses.
        When said guy is killed by a Meta he KEEPS the meta’s power when taking the body and if he is killed again when in the meta’s body he takes the body’s power with him to his next body. In short each time he is killed by a Meta he gets a new power and since he got killed by A duplicator whose body he took which then was killed by a self proclaimed teleporting goddess who he once again took over and was then killed by a super smart guy with Protector like field and stats well here we go.

      • – Well yeah one could say that, although the Butcher was more of a collective here there is just one personnality and it completly posseses the body.
        Also unlike the Butcher the Powers do NOT get watered down by passing from host to host not ont only that but if a Meta host is somehow killed by a normal the normal gets possessed and the body ends up with all the powers which I do not think can happen with the Butcher.

        – I note you did not answer my query about the Baba Yaga being able to do Gadgeteering and Contriving powers…

      • First of all, that’s a really contrived series of encounters this guy had. Also, still not S-Class.

        What would happen if he was killed by someone whom he couldn’t possess at all, in your version?

        You didn’t ask whether Baba can do Contriving, just Gadgeteering. And yeah, she can do Gadgeteering (though she doesn’t really care for powers like that)

      • – Well yeah it is a contrived series of encounter if they happen one right after another(though there has to have been a lot of nasty Metas around in the outback in the Pre Madeleine times like in seventies and onward right ?), but the way I see it this happened over years and he spent quite some time in a single normal before being killed again and even more time before being killed by the first Meta.

        Well if killed by someone he cannot possess well he would simply die as his mind would have nowhere to go at his power needs the act of killing to create the connection through which he takes over a host.

        Also this pretty much my attempt to try and make the power set fit in plus I am not very good at all the writing thing so…

        – You are right, my bad, sorry about that I actually only care about Gadgeteering for this anyway so thanks for the answer, it’s just that it is the fact that Gloomy cannot do Gadgeteering and Contriving that made me wonder about the Baba Yaga. I know their powers are widely different still it made me wonder. I’ll also say that it might be a good thing that she doesn’t care that much about this particular kind of power.

        – I was not even trying to make him an S class anymore, just as I said earlier to fit in with the power set and origin I had to begin with.

  2. Was the Protector ever mentioned before? Really confused me for a bit. Thought the Protege just popped up out of nowhere for a few minutes. And why did you tag him as Legend?

    I really wonder why B was still so confident considering how the others started to panic. I am assuming that it has something to do with the thing on his thigh. Just in case it’s a remote control unit for a trans dimensional portal generator, I was the first to figure it out.

    BTW, what was the part that I should keep in mind? Really expected GGs power to screw up everything. Or will I have for the next chap?

    • The Protector appeared in Interlude 1 the End of an age which Chronicles DiL’s destruction of LA which was her first.

      As for the Legend Tag I would think it’s the Contriver responsible for the team’s current predicament and he must have a focus based on Legend from times begone if the protector’s presence is any inkling.

      • Ah thx. Will reread that part when I wake up.

        *Or will I have to wait for the next chapter?

    • If you’re referring to my mad laugh from the last chapter’s comment section, then keep in mind the ideas you had for what Basil might do to Dusu.

  3. Huh, the pills are plecebos….welp there goes my theory from 13.6.(grrr) though i did think they were unnessesary, so there is that. i wonder if we are going to get to see Hecate really fight next. We’ve never really seen her fight on screen except for the Snow Queem and some support here and there, and not at all against another Mage Contriver. Should be fun to see what she can do. Yay, Tyche’s not evil…yet. also is it really THAT hard to discover true ID’s? i figure with powers and tech even a nundane can do it with a little effort and a good sized wallet.

    • True unnoticeability is a power that people have perfected without magic. So, um, it depends on how hard you work for it.

    • Figuring out someone’s ID is certainly possible, albeit difficult, particularly with someone as paranoid as Brennus watching your back. As I see it the reason for the shock and outrage is twofold.

      1) Most people don’t even try. Most capes and cowls live by a code, only doing battle in costume and largely ignoring each other otherwise. There are exceptions of course, when Outstep is introduced there is an offhand mention of him lacking a secret identity due to his parents getting publicly unmasked by an enemy, and that one British cowl who was attacked in her home, but these are exceptions. After all these attacks target both capes and cowls alike, and they both hate them. Pull it too many times and they’re all too likely to team up to get rid of you.

      2) Any means of finding out someone’s true identity requires a certain degree of effort. The fact that Immanuel, someone on the other side of the world from New Lenston, just happens to pull it out casually pulls it out is goddamn terrifying. Either his information network is so extensive that he knows the secret identities of relatively unremarkable capes, implying that he likely knows hundreds, if not thousands, of secret identities, he had some reason to look at Tyche in particular, or he could read her mind.

      • in my openion secret ID’s are a bad idea. 1. more often then not they are used against the hero. 2. its a lot harder to know who knows and who doesnt , giving said hero a false sense of security, till its too late. 3. in regards to protecting family menbers and friends, no one in the history of ever have been saved by not knowing about potential danger. it just makes it easier to use them. 4. and how many people die a year while a hero is trying to find a safe place to change into costume!?

      • Concerning Tyche secret ID and the UJH presents. First, I will suppose all the UJH go to Diantha School, and could encounter Dalia/Tyche.

        The boyfriends Tartsche/Spellgun seems so devoted to each other.
        Osore : he doesn’t appear very social.
        Polymnia : she considers Basil as a nerd.
        Bakeneko : She knows Basil’s group
        Gloom Glimmer : she is a professor at school, and can identify all her students.
        I partage the ideas of Sorenknightblog on the code.

        Finally, Tieshaunn has mentioned several times that Basil, Dalia, Vasiliki, Tim, Stephanie and perhaps Aimi are known in school as a clique.

  4. Loving this story. I’ve tried to post before, but it never went through, this one might not either…

    In the first line, might “sensitive” be a better word than “sensible?” The latter is normally used in a meaning of common sense/wisdom, with the former as noticing other peoples’ feelings. Just trying to help!

    • Welcome, and yeah, this is the first time I’m seeing a comment from your nick.

      Sensitive is the correct one here – he’s referring to the fact that he tends to miss/ignore emotional cues in favour of pressing on with whatever is on his mind

  5. Been waiting for the Protector to come back from the dead ever since that bit in the prophecy about the fallen icon of a past era.
    Also, I kind of hate you right now for cutting off just before we got a single word of explanation about the egg thing.

    • Didn’t even realize the possible connection until you mentioned it. Not sure if we can call about 2 years (in story time) a past era though.
      Expected someone who was active at least a decade or two ago. (that’s why I always thought it’s Dunstkreis. At least until tieshaunn crushed my hopes.)

      But given how blessed we are with new chaps lately we might not have to wait too much longer…

      • Oooooh. Don’t ask me why, but I was 100% sure that the interlude happened in 2011. Kinda makes sense that DiL is older than 2 years (we are in 2014 right now, right?)
        Ok, that probably can be called an era. My fault.

      • 2011+2=2014.

        I Probably should go to bed early today. Let’s hope I don’t miss a chance to get the first comment on the next chapter. (One day I will beat you to it tieshaunn. One day!)

      • IIRC it was mentioned somewhere that the first DiL attack happened the 1st of september 1986, said attack was that of Los Angeles which is chronicled in the Interlude and where the Protector seemingly(I am personnaly sure he died but I won’t make and affiration until next chapter is up which might be today…or not)died.

        So the Protector officially died the 1st of september 1986 along with the city of Los Angeles and most(all ?)of it’s defenders.

  6. I’ve been wondering for a while, why do the savage six have henchmen? They could just use some of the people atrocity transforms into cyborgs since she appears to have complete control over them.

    Also how do those henchmen get their jobs? I think it would be dificult to find people willing to work for them, and if they are forced then it would be better just to use the cyborgs.

  7. Oh man I am just loving this arc so far.

    Guys remember to go on over to topwebfiction.com and vote for brennus. We’re at 25th right now. We can break 20th with only 10 more votes!

    Just saying tieshaunn, I kinda hope you go with “show, don’t tell” when we finally learn what the egg is for. Also, I miss Eudocia. When he can, Basil really needs to find a way to have her “ride along” in a fight.

    • Regarding the egg: Hehehe

      I’m glad you’re liking it so much, and I do hope what’s to come is going to please you even more 😉

      Eudocia is quite busy watching over Prisca right now.

      • I am currently editing and adding to the Wikia

        I used info from the Brennus Files and the Cast for the pages, it is acceptable for you?
        Also are your comments canon : for example in this chapter on the duplicators, Zeus and the Trinity.

        I created and mainly written two wikia, one for the Gods Are Bastards and the other for a fantasy called Ragnarok the Last Adler published on deviantArt.

      • Any comment of mine is canon unless I explicitely say otherwise.

        Thank you VERY much for doing this, I love it!

      • You know the scariest thing about Brennus breaking out the force field and the egg here(which given the hints has to be something just as big)is that he is doing it while he is getting LOW on resources.

        Man I can’t wait to get the reaction to Brennus’ invention from the UH people and everyone after this.

        Also goos to see that my driving Tieshaunn insane with my questions will be useful for something.

      • Nice! We finally have a wiki! Really appreciate all the work you put into it.
        I will try to help you out as much as I can, but I really suck at writing anything other than code.

        Could you please update the top menu when you have time?

        I think that we don’t really need to see recently changed pages and classification (that should be a sub point of powers) as top menu points.
        Instead links to this site, the character category and a Locations/PoI category, which you would have to add first, would make more sense.

        Other things I noticed are:
        the background is not repeating on the y-axis (on longer pages)

        do we really need both “Classes” and “Classification”? And if yes we should draw a clear line between them. Right now these two categories are overlapping.

        Same thing for Factions/Organisation. I know what you mean with both of them, but they are kinda overlapping. e.g.: is the Syndicate a Faction or an organization? Cause they are one big core team with sub groups.

        A way to sort characters by their threat rating. (Which would probably require sub categories for every rating)

        The top nav bar is a bit to bright. If it’s ok with you could you maybe choose a darker blue? (maybe try something like #030913)

  8. I remember reading somewhere in here that hecate’s power allowed her to make enchantments with aspects related to the moon, fire, wolves, death and something else i can’t recall. I can’t find that information anywhere on the site or the wiki but if that’s true and not a figment of my imagination, can hecate do necromancy? If so, if she raises an undead using a metahuman’s body do they retain their powers?

      • I might be a bit rusty on greek myths but doesn’t Hecate also have something to do with Crossroads ?

      • Oh ? The angels ? I did not know that one, though I know she sents monsters and demons on earth which has some interesting implications for what Vassiliki might be able to do. I also find it intersting that one of her titles is Amaimacetos basileia when you look at Basil and Vassiliki’s names.

        BTW which”origin” does Vassiliki’s power Hecate have ? Daughter of Zeus, Perses or Leto ?

  9. ummm so weird site related question. did Paradign’s coment thread break for anyone else? i cant tell if its just my. cheap ass flip phone, or if hts by how long the individual coments get. but the last two chapters his/her coments start to break and chunks and whole coments go missing, the font gets much larger nnd once the color schene reversed. dont care about the last two but the first is frustrating. so if u could break ynur coments up a bit that would be really helpful. unless its just me then disregard.

    • Nah, it’s probably a problem with how wordpress loads comments. It loads all of them at once when the site is initially loaded instead of grouping them into pages and only loading them when required.
      A better phone/pc with a stable internet connection and more ram shouldn’t encounter this issue.

      • Sigh, damn thats what i was afraid of, though suspected, sense no one else mentimed it.

  10. Hero Association(I forget what the actually organization is called.)

    Tartsche: Hero Profile

    While standing still he is functionally immune to all conventional means of damage. This affect can also be extend to any living or non-living thing in direct contact with him(They must be relatively similar to him in size.)
    This power must be mentally activated and appears to take no stamina or energy to effectively maintain, making it functionally infinite.

    The power does not make him or anything he is touching more durable in the traditional sense. Ex: When hit by a fire-ball neither he or his clothes suffer any increase in temperature.

    His power also protects his senses, from high intensities of light or sound, to harmful gas and mental attacks.

    Our testers and trainers have listed him near the top in meta human ability; Theorizing that due to the nature of his defense he could take more damage than even Lady Light or The Dark could withstand.

    Equipment: Moderate armor is highly suggested due to the need to be mobile, but also have enough protection if caught unaware.
    Low to High levels of weaponry are viable due to his power making recoil a non-issue, though weight is a problem when moving.
    Should also have a Gadgeteer or Contriver made way of enhanced movement or teleportation to increase his utility.

    Fighting Style: In order to fully utilize or complement his power, he should employ Krav Maga with a mixture of holds and locks from other martial arts.(His power makes getting his arms around a someone tremendously more effective than usual.)

    While moving he is completely human in every physical and mental respect, his awakening giving him no additional or secondary powers.
    He can be effectively isolated to a single area if under constant lethal attack.
    Moving platforms or uneven terrain will make it difficult, or even impossible, for him to activate his power.
    His power does not persist when unconscious.

    If destroying the ground under his feet would deactivate his power.
    Could he active his power in mid-air if he remained still.
    How his defense stands up to reality warping-esque abilities; such as direct time, density, matter, or particle manipulation.
    If gravely wounded will his power stabilize him/prevent him from bleeding out.

    @Tieshaunn: Please feel free to correct anything I got wrong.

    • As long as we’re talking about Tartsche…

      In one chapter (forget which one) Basil and Dalia are looking at a DiL attack and they say that she, Pristine and Tartsche have the same defensive power, when the powers seem completely different to me. Tartsche simply becomes impossible to effect, with any attacks hitting him, but not actually doing anything to him. Pristine is described as having an unbreakable forcefield, with attacks impacting it and never actually touching her. Finally attacks that reach a certain distance of DiL simply cease, as if she just reality warped them out of existence.

      The powers have nothing in common, other than their inviolability. Its a bit weird for them to be referred to as the same power.

      And now that I’m talking about Pristine, am I write in thinking that she could be telefragged? Anything that got past her forcefield should hurt her normally, assuming that the forcefield runs only on the outside and through her digestive tract.

      It would have to be a gadgeteer made teleporter of course, considering her power immunity, but hypothetically it should work.

      • Different ways/guesses to explain their power. DiL, Pristine, Tartsche (and Ember) all have variations on the same defensive ability which makes them, to varying degrees, inviolable to anything from outside said defense:

        Tartsche: cannot be affected, cannot move, cannot be moved, can extend to others, can turn on/off

        Pristine: cannot be affected, can move, can be moved, cannot extend to others, cannot turn on/off

        DiL: cannot be affected, can move, cannot be moved, unknown whether she can protect others and turn it off.

        Ember: cannot be affected, can move, can choose not to be moved, can extend to others, must be consciously turned on; the Dark deduced an additional weakness to penetrate said defense, unknown whether but unlikely to apply to the others on this list

        Pristine could not be tele-fragged, as the teleportation effect would fail to reach past her “shell”.

        The difference in description is partly my fault and partly the fact that the same ability manifests with some subtle differences. Pristine’s and Tartsche’s Absolute Shield manifest as more classic protection (ie why you still see them being ‘hit’), while DiL’s and Ember’s are more abstract, due to the way their powers manifested.

        As a last point, there is one particular kind of power that could penetrate all four of their defenses, but it is extremely rare.

      • Wouldn’t that be power copying ? If someone managed to copy of of those powers then used it and attacked the one they copied wouldn’t they be able to affect said person ? I mean those under Tartsche’s protection can affect each other…

        Of course there is also power nullifying which is just as rare especially on a level required to affect high end powers.

        And if not one f those it wouldn’t happen to be something Severance can do right ?

      • No, copying said power would give you also total defense. It wouldn’t let you reach past each other’s power. Power nullifying doesn’t work on any of them while their power defense is up (but a power nullifier could, for example, prevent Tartsche from activating his in the first place)

      • Noted concerning the power copying, as for the nullifying not even a very high level of it would work ? Suprises me a bit but eh

        Have we already seen an exemple of the extremely rare power that could accomplish that”on screen” without knowing that it could do that ?

    • His power protects him from all powers as well, much like Pristine’s and DiL’s, not just damage. Nothing reaches past it, no time powers, no matter, density, space or particle manipulation, no mental stuff; there is a specific kind of power that could reach past their defenses, but it’s not one anyone has figured out yet (thus why Pristine and DiL are still alive).

      As a side effect, he would no longer be affected by mental illusions once it is active – meaning, if the illusions is made within peoples’ minds, rather than via bending light or otherwise putting something fake there to be seen. Also, he cannot be perceived by Pretercognitives while his power is active; however, that is less useful to him than to the other people with this particular power, since he is rather predictable via mundane means as long as it is active (seeing how he cannot move whatsoever).

      A note: if he activated his power while on/within a moving object (say, a car, a plane, a boat), he would probably wreck it as the vehicle would move on while he, and anyone/anything he extended his power to, would become perfectly inviolable and stationary.

      Destroying the ground under his feet would leave him floating stationary in the air until he chose to deactivate his power. He can also extend it to cover the ground immediately beneath/around him.

      He has to be standing still in order to activate it, as such he cannot activate it in mid-air unless something (like someone holding him up via telekinesis) allows him to stand still.

      Wounds and other effects applied while his power was deactivated would progress unhindered while it is active. It only protects him from outside stuff.

      • He’s power still lets him move, after all the planet is always rotating and orbiting the sun and he doesn’t fly off into space whenever he uses it. Is that aspect of his power fixed, with him always remaining perfectly stationary relative to the Earth or is it just beyond his conscious control? For example if he was on the Tartarus Star or the Moon base and activated his power would he tear through the moon/ space station or remain relative to it?

        Could he ever learn to control it, or could a power booster of some kind let him move? If his power immunity prevents power boosters from effecting him could a swan song (if he has the potential) allow him to bypass that limitation?

      • His tenant manages his power for him; Tartsche merely turns it on or off, and chooses whom/what to extend it to. Once active, it keeps him in the samel location relative to the planet; if he used it on another planet, his tenant would simply keep him in position relative ot that location.

        Tartarus Star has a geostationary orbit; if he used his power on it, he would appear to “move” with it, though he’d simply be keeping his relative position to earth; if the station’s orbit was changed somehow, he’d rip out of it (though, considering that he’s almost perfectly in tune with his tenant, it might just ease the restriction a bit in that case and allow him to ‘attach’ to the station instead).

        There is no need for him to gain conscious control over his power. He’s so in tune with his tenant that he barely even needs to choose to turn it on, or whom to spread it to; for example, it will always reach out to cover teammates, so long as they are within reach, particularly Thomas and it even identifies and protects civilians/innocents he would want to protect, along with several other boons. For example, when he first gained his power, recoil was still a problem; if he stretched it over his weapons to protect them, too, then he was subject to their recoil. If he didn’t, he was immune, but they were vulnerable to attack and usually got wrecked anyway due to being unable to bleed off recoil; these days, his power can cover them and still protect both him and his weapons from recoil.

        A power booster would only affect him if the metahuman that the effect originates from was also encompassed in his absolute defense (anything inside can still affect him, after all). What such a boost would do to him would depend on the booster in question (each one boosts in different ways). Some wouldn’t do anything at all to him (providing too small a boost to have any effect on a power as great as his), some might allow him to protect others at range, some might allow him to move, or other boons. Though, extending the range of his power is the most likely one.

        Not saying whether he can have a swan song or not, but if he did then the effects would be far more dramatic than merely allowing him to bypass the no-moving limitation. Swan Songs screw the caps off powers (never to world-ending levels, though) and any metahuman with the cap screwed off is an S-Class threat at the very least.

      • Of I didn’t expect you to tell me whether he had the potential or not, I’m happy to have what I got.

        It does seem that I’ve underestimated what a swan song can do through. I had an idea for a character with the power to copy an enemy’s weapons, a useful ability, but mostly against contrivers and gadgeteers. I had the thought that he might swan song and gain the ability to copy anything that could be viewed as a weapon, for example, powers information, skills, etc. Am I thinking too small or is power copying significant enough to qualify as removing the caps from his power?

      • It is doubtful whether his base power would work on all contrivances (it would likely work on Spellgun’s spellgun, but not on Hecate’s charms), but otherwise it seems fine.

        To tell you how a swan song for such a power might look, I’d need a little more info on the particulars of the ability (how many different weapons can it copy at a time? for how long does a copy persist? does he have to touch a weapon to copy, does he just have to see it? Or does he designate one ‘enemy’ and copies all of their weapons in particular? Or just one of their weapons?) and on the character himself (his origin and personality would influence it)

      • I’m working on a fanfic, and some of the characters/ powers are more developed than others (this does mean that the bit about him swan songing is technically a possible spoiler, I just didn’t bother with a warning because I haven’t put any of it up yet, and it’ll probably be terrible anyway).

        So I don’t have the exact limits of his power pinned down yet. The original idea was he could copy one weapon from one enemy at a time and the copy would dissipate after ten minutes, but that would leave him less powerful than his teammates in most fights. I may just go with that though, and have him serve as a leader/tactical dude/team smart guy in most fights, with his powers being largely useless.

        That would leave his current power set as

        Can copy any one weapon off of any one enemy, that he can adequately perceive (sight for him, but if he somehow obtained an equally accurate sense it would also work)

        Cannot change his weapon until it expires normally, at which point he can use it again

        Any copy he makes is adjusted as necessary for him to use (he could copy claws and gain a claw gauntlet thingy, and if he copied a gadget rifle he would read as the intended user to any biometric scanners or the like)

        What about Hecate’s charms makes them any less copiable than any other contrivance? (Unless it’s a spoiler somehow)

        Whereas the swan songed version would be

        Can copy any “weapon” of of anybody whether they’re friend or foe

        The copies last until he dismisses them

        He can have any number of copies

        He can continue to copy while maintaining previous copies

        He can recall any previous copy and recreate even when he can no longer perceive the original

      • If you want, we can do this by e-mail, so you can preserve some of the mystery, but…

        Without knowing his personality or his origin, I’d say this guy was probably threatened/assaulted by a single enemy, most likely someone without powers (no meta-aspect to his powers), someone who kept coming and wouldn’t let him get away, who was superior to him likely because of equipment rather than skill or inherent talent.

        A theme of a “nemesis”. With some “arms” thrown in.

        A swan song for this might be something to the tune of scaling things up. Move up rather than sideways. He can’t copy anything other than equipment, specifically weapons, but he doesn’t just get a copy anymore. Rather, he improves on it with each use. He copies a handgun, shoots it at enemies, it becomes stronger, bigger. Each shot refines the weapon, scaling up on all stats (to-hit, damage, range, etc). For automatic weapons, each second of use instead. His skill with said weapon improves along with the weapon. Eventually, he pushes into the super-weapon area. His sword transitions into a lightsaber after X hits, then starts extending to strike at range, or adjusts its frequency to cut through specific defenses that keep foiling it. His guns similarly scale up. If he keeps using the same weapon long enough before he burns out and dies, he moves up to WMD range with every single strike.

      • I’m not worrying much about spoilers at this point be cause I don’t have much of an overarching plot at this point. The swan song idea was just because I had come up with his power and thought that that would be a cool extension of it, and your version is cooler anyway.

        If your wondering why I’m writing a fanfic without having any overarching plot, it’s simply because I find your world interesting enough that I wanted to write in it myself. Rather than having an alternate take on the same characters I’ll simply write my own characters in a different city, completely disconnected from the main plot (although some characters have backstory elements that incorporate known canon world events).

        I’ll definitely send you that email though, if only to avoid bogging down this thread with irrelevant clutter.

  11. Just wondering, has there ever been someone who could manipulate time? And I mean not just stopping it, but actually moving objects and possibly persons from one point in time to another. (Preferably in both directions)

    • @Ansraer: Well Australian!Tick-Tock is a time manipulator for example and Tieshaunn explained some of what she is capable of in last chapter’s comments.

      @Tieshaunn: Would not be surprised if Journeyman could travel time or sent others at different parts of it.

      Then there’s Tachyon whose name MIGHT be indicative of something related to time travel…

      • Yeah, but from my understanding her power can’t influence anything major that has happened too far in the past. And we don’t even know if she really manipulates time or if she just thinks that she is. It shouldn’t be to hard to make time go slower or faster for something, but actually making it negative to interact with the past should be close to impossible. And journeyman has extreme restrictions, he can observe but can’t interact.

        What I am actually wondering about is if there is someone who can change the past enough for there to be a noticeable butterfly effect. I am asking if it’s possible for someone to exist who could just travel a few million years back and then use a nuke to prevent intelligent live from ever existing in the first place.
        Think about the implications that could have. From a theoretical point of view it would probably be easier to destroy and recreate the entire universe and then wait until you reach the point in time you want to travel back to than to actually travel back in time.

        But since you have confirmed that it is actually possible, how would physics work if someone interacted with the past? Would time itself just bend and ignore whatever our time traveler is doing in order to reach the same “present” as fast as possible?
        Or would it only be possible to interact with the past as long as there is no observer? (You can kill Schrödingers cat, but can’t interact with anything that someone has observed between whenever you are and the present.) I could see uses for that power. You could kill someone in the past as long as nobody has seen him until the present.
        Or has everything that has happened in the past already happened? (You already traveled back in time before you even chose to do so of your own free will)

      • No metahuman can move back in time to Point Zero or before it, even those who have some form of time travel at their disposal (and I can count the canon instances on the fingers of one hand).

        Time travel… is iffy. There’s several good reasons why each canon character with time travel at their disposal has very hefty limitations; just figuring out all the implications, twists and turns of more than one time traveller working together or worse, against each other…

        My head already hurts.

        The most powerful time traveller in canon (who’s not the tenants – different rules for them) can change the past, but doing so forces him to live history from the point in which he intervened the normal way, while keeping the age he had when he did the alteration. He died at the age of 87, five years before he was born.

      • To give you a more comprehensive answer…

        I treat time travel into the past something like this – once someone travels back and enters said time, rather than just observing it, they become a Remnant. They can change the past, and their actions become a part of history, as the timeline changes from the point of interference… but they can never return. They can travel itno the future, if their power allows them to, but they won’t find an empty spot to take there – there’ll be another version of themselves (most likely without time travel ability) who came to be after the point of interference, while they themselves are forever detached from time, a remnant of their own, original timeline.

        Mind you, this is not a definitive answer. I’ve deliberately avoided creating any truly unshackled time travellers in this story, because I haven’t worked the system out to my full satisfaction, so that explanation is liable to change, if and when I finally decide to involve greater time travel into the plot.

      • @Ansraer: She IS a time manipulator no questions about it or I misunderstood Tieshaunn’s explanations about the part of her power set we discussed(which is admittedly not completly impossible but still).

        As for Journeyman my take is that he CAN intervene if he wants to but that he has to pay a price for it, this is just a guess mind you but still.

        @Tieshaunn: Hmm so does that mean that this time traveler has been born again ? and if so could he possibly get the same power again and be pushed to try to change other things for different reasons ? Why do I ask ? Because that was my first theory about Tachyon when I read about him: A meta with a speedforce like power allowing him the advantages of both speedster types and the power to travel through time and that said Meta did it for various reasons BUT that not all murders commited by Tachyon were by the same version of him and that the reason Espers could not get correct intel on him was because he was a remnant of a timeline that no longer exists, that he does not belong to the proper timline.

      • As I said, it’s not entirely worked out so this is not exactly canon, so…

        He would be born again, yes, and theoretically he could manifest the same or a similar enough power again and make changes again, but eventually his new life would differ enough from the others to manifest other powers, or none at all.

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