I don’t like doing it, but…

I’m sorry about it, but I have to delay the chapter until Tuesday. Had some surprise family visits today, and they ate more of my writing time than they should have.

Why Tuesday and not Monday? Well, that’s because Monday is Workday, and I doubt I’ll manage to finish it then. So Tuesday it is, for now.



PS: I’ll still try to finish today, but it doesn’t look good.

11 thoughts on “I don’t like doing it, but…

  1. Please do warn your relatives about eating too much. They should be conciencious about the juicy bites they take out of your writing time. 😛

  2. so i finally started a much needed reread of Breamus, and found something in chapter 2 of First Run that i completely forgot. Who is LL’s third daughter? this was befnre they knew about GG.

    • Sorry to disappoint, but that’s a really stupid typo on my part. It should read “first daughter”, as Diantha was born first (DiL was her second daughter, first by the Dark)

      Thanks for pointing it out, though^^

      • Wait, in total she had four, right?

        One that was killed by Weißwald, DiL, another one that was killed by DiL and finally GG.

      • Brightchild was not her (biological) daughter, “merely” her sidekick, though they did have a mother-daughter relationship going.

      • Äh, makes sense. I am pretty sure you used “daughter” in one of the earlier chapters/comments though.

        Another question, would DiLs defenses block someones healing power if it was used to heal her?

      • im wondering if intangebility might be the thing that can get trough the shield.

      • Grrrr dang you ties and your twisty mind! i would say just stick Tartsche in front of her and see what she does to kill him. but im pretty sure Prestine already tried that and was completely ignored. plus it miight not ae very etihical. Heroes get weird about such things.

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