Patreon Interludes Choice!

Here’s the complete list of options:

  1. Argonauts: a short on the Mars mission mentioned way back in the early chapters, now approaching their destination.
  2. Toybox: an Interlude in the style of a webforum, in this case the (in)famous Toybox, online playground for Gadgeteers.
  3. Of Apes and Togas: Includes at least 1 Ape and 1 Toga. No monkeys!
  4. Amateurs: a Day (well, Night) in the life of Severance.
  5. Justice, like Lightning: Life in Brazil
  6. On Wings of Lead: A short about the life of Malphas.
  7. Anguish & Succor: The new Chevalier tries to understand why her predecessor turned from the right path.

As for the voting system – please vote on the Patreon Site, not here on the blog; that’ll make it easier for me to tally the votes properly.

Rank the choices from most to least preferred; please don’t leave anything off the list. The ranks are worth 0-6 points, with your top vote being worth the most, obviously. Whichever option gets the highest total of points will be the one I’ll write out as an Interlude to close off this month.



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