Patreon Vote Results

  1. Toybox: 23 points
  2. Anguish & Succor: 17 points
  3. Amateurs: 16 points
  4. Argonauts & Wings of Lead: 14 points
  5. Of Apes and Togas: 12 points
  6. Justice, like Lightning: 8 points

Looks like it’ll be Toybox!

Fear not, though, for there’s still three donation interludes to come and, well, there’s a nice list to tap from…

New chapter will be done soon… this thing is turning out to be a monster of one, thus the delay.


Tieshaunn Tanner

4 thoughts on “Patreon Vote Results

  1. Oups !

    Forgot to vote, but it’s one of the chapters I would have wanted the most anyways 😀 !

    Can’t wait to read it !

  2. Not to sound impatient, but can you give us an update on the next chapter? Have nothing else to read left. 😦

    • I know that feeling, and I hate it as much as you probably do.

      I’m writing right now, even though I need to get up in five hours for seminars. This chapter is going to be massive, so, uh, I promise it’ll be worth the wait.

      To quote the Master, “It grew in the telling.”

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