One Year Anniversary!

Holly hells and freaking bells, it’s been a whole year since this blog went up!

Normally, I guess, it would be appropriate to talk about what I learned, what I valued the most, etc. But I’m gonna spare you that, and instead go right to the celebration.

Currently, Monkey Business is ahead of The Sleeper Must Not Wake!, with a score of 8 to 7. Since it has been a few days since the last comment (and the end of Big Game Hunt is not that far away), it looks like the Monkey will win.

For the sake of the celebration, I’ll expand Monkey Business into a mini-arc (up to 4 chapters). The Sleeper Must Not Wake! will be a one-chapter interlude before the Monkey Business bonus arc (it’s comparatively short, anyway. Easier to write than MB).

And after Monkey Business, there’ll be the proper Interlude of the Arc – Worlds Across. Which should answer a few of your questions about Ember/The Protege… like why everyone is so crazy about him.

Now back to writing the next chapter of Big Game Hunt!