Random Fact #10

India and Pakistan never split; instead, many of the extremists on both sides left the country, driven out by pro-unity metahumans. Unfortunately, among them were five of the founding members of the Caliphate.

Without the more extreme voices, a peaceful resolution was found and the country remains united to this day.

Random Facts #8 & #9

@nhan99997: guess what, the dice were on your side

#8 The Pyramids of Giza were lifted off the ground during a DiL attack in 1999. They remain afloat to this day. Khufu’s pyramid complex floats at a height of about eight kilometers. Khafre’s pyramid rests at about seven kilometers, without its complex. Menkaure’s pyramid complex floats at just four hundred meters. The Sphinx is untouched.

#9 The moon colony houses 100191 people from both the PATO and the Sovjet Union.

Random Fact #3

The Dragonslayer’s campaign against the Iron Dragon has been fictionalised as an award-winning octalogy of Hollywood movies. The eighth movie was, in fact, the last movie to be completed in the original Hollywood, before DiL destroyed it in her first appearance.