Random Fact #10

India and Pakistan never split; instead, many of the extremists on both sides left the country, driven out by pro-unity metahumans. Unfortunately, among them were five of the founding members of the Caliphate.

Without the more extreme voices, a peaceful resolution was found and the country remains united to this day.

Random Facts #8 & #9

@nhan99997: guess what, the dice were on your side

#8 The Pyramids of Giza were lifted off the ground during a DiL attack in 1999. They remain afloat to this day. Khufu’s pyramid complex floats at a height of about eight kilometers. Khafre’s pyramid rests at about seven kilometers, without its complex. Menkaure’s pyramid complex floats at just four hundred meters. The Sphinx is untouched.

#9 The moon colony houses 100191 people from both the PATO and the Sovjet Union.

Random Facts #5, 6 & 7

Sorry about the absence. Progress on the chapter is slow but it’s coming along.

#5 Queen Madeleine’s first act as monarch of Australia was to outlaw torture. Up until then, what few authorities remained in the country were allowed to use torture in the course of their duties.

#6 South Italy, Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Morocco are mostly ruled by metahuman power groups in a nearly feudal system.

#7 The Knights of the Round Table are Britain’s primary team of superheroes, working with permission and support from the Crown & Congress itself.

Random Fact #3

The Dragonslayer’s campaign against the Iron Dragon has been fictionalised as an award-winning octalogy of Hollywood movies. The eighth movie was, in fact, the last movie to be completed in the original Hollywood, before DiL destroyed it in her first appearance.

Not Dead & Random Fact #1

I’m not dead (yet)! Working on the chapter, though I’m quite busy with a lot of other stuff, too.

As a small apology, I’ve decided to start a “Random Fact” series. Every day that a chapter is overdue, I’m gonna share some random fact from the Brennusverse with you guys and gals.

To that end, I’ve assembled a long list of interesting (hopefully) but not plot-critical facts, and I’m gonna roll every day from now on on it, until I complete this chapter.

Here’s the first one:

  • Hemming is not only the most skilled, but also the fastest shapeshifter in the world, capable of taking on 300 (400 if he really pushes it) distinct forms per minute. He can shapeshift quickly and precisely enough that, if fired at from point-blank range, he can create a hole the size of the bullet for it travel through.