12 thoughts on “Random Fact #4

  1. i have not heard of Iron Dragon, dragonslayer and Elysium at all from your story. facts about characters I do not know hold little meaning to me. Maybe you could expand on who these characters are?

      • Aceofspade: You probably used the Next button at the bottom of the story post. This gets you to the next chapter, but skips over a lot of non-story posts. Funny little thing about wordpress.

    • Diantha Whitaker WAS brought up in story, hell Basil’s school and i believe the scholarship program for the school are named after her, there is even a statue and plaque sitting right outside his school’s front door. i’m really not sure how you missee it?

    • Elysium/Diantha Whitaker has been mentioned several times by now. Hell, Basil’s school is named for her.

      She was Lady Light’s daughter by a man other than the Dark and died fighting DiL in Lennston, during the fight which resulted in the destruction and subsequent rebuilding of Lennston.

      The Iron Dragon has been mentioned more than once now, I think, though mainly in “Monsters of Yore”.

      Hint: When you check “Content” there is “Brennus Files” beneath “Chapters”^^

  2. What was her power? Why were they fighting? Who was her daddy? Was she a secoumd gen? How did She beat him? Was she hot?

    • I share your curiosity over most of those. Particularly as The Dark is my favorite character, and I thought he was not only one of the strongest metahumans in terms of raw power, but that he was the most versatile one.
      I believe Elysium must’ve used one of his hidden weakness.

  3. The only way that could not be plot relevant is if Elysium won by just being that good at fighting, which it means it’s not an easily repeatable feat. Also, the timing seems suspicious. DiL kills her a month after Elysium defeats the father? Obviously, if this is as irrelevant to the plot as you claim, then it means nothing.
    But I had to ask, is it? Irrelevant to the plot?

    • maybe I should have been more clear – it’s irrelevant insofar as knowing this particular detail won’t spoil the future plot.

      All this tells you, after all, is that she bet him even though he was trying his best to beat her in turn.

      It’s not a spoiler for the future plot, as it’s just something that’s happened (and which is common knowledge, too – Basil and Co know).

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