Random Fact #10

India and Pakistan never split; instead, many of the extremists on both sides left the country, driven out by pro-unity metahumans. Unfortunately, among them were five of the founding members of the Caliphate.

Without the more extreme voices, a peaceful resolution was found and the country remains united to this day.

30 thoughts on “Random Fact #10

  1. Having just completed another archive binge, I find myself with a question that _might_ be low enough on the spoiler content for you to answer. Of course, it _is_ about the prophecies and prophecies are entirely spoilers so maybe not.

    Are the different “fives” we’ve heard of different perspectives on the same set of individuals going through the same series of events, or are they different (possibly overlapping) sets of people going through different (possibly overlapping) events? Or both, since with proper planning ahead that sort of meta-textual layering can be accomplished by a skilled writer?

    • Sorry Zengar but im gonna use this commemt to rant about how much i hate prophecies. They are, in my opinion, the single most ureless conbept in both the real world and fictional ones. Evem more useless then whether or not there is a God, (either way the world is the same) at least that one gets a clear cut amswer at the end. unlike Prophecy, which even at the end could have millions of people and events applied to them. Look at the still ongoing debates on the Nostradomis Prophocies! while this is a book in which Ties will better be abke to fit his charecters into the proper slots, this is the first book of a trilogy and there are already multiple canadates for each of the Stars. who (other tham Ties) kmws how many more there will be or If Tier will give us a clear answer at the end. besides that, what does it really tell us? thiere are going to be heros in a superhero nvel? GASP, inconcievable! sigh, so yeah, in conclusion PROPHECIES SUCK!!!

      • I strongly disagree with your opinion. I’m pretty sure Ties will give us a clear answer at some point, or that at the very least there will be a canon theory with very little doubt surrounding it and propheties are FUN! Looking for facts, building theories, all of that make you more involved with the narrative. And you can’t be sure what the prophecy is telling us, “there are going to be heros in a superhero novel?” certainly isn’t the only interpretation, I’m pretty sure nobody even said that all of the people the prophecy are talking about will be on the same side. But it’s just my own opinion, I get that some people don’t like that. I personnally don’t care for irl prophecies (I mostly think they’re bogus) but prophecies as plot device are interesting.

      • Just so you are aware that “FUN” you speak of Mr. Spades gnt Harry Potter’s parents killed and him sent to an abusive hell for the first eleven years of his life!

      • If everything was perfect in the live of the fictionnal characters reading their story would be awfully boring. Without the prophecy in Harry Potter… well we wouldn’t have gotten the whole serie. Or it could have been very different, but even without the prophecy something bad would have happened to spark the story.

        Though… well I guess there are people out here who like to read stories where everything is perfect, there is no conflict and all is well. Really not my jam, I prefer to read about complex character, struggling to achieve their goals. Even if you prefer a genre like slice of life you need conflicts and problems to drive the story.

      • struggle is great when it enhances the story. The Prophecy of Harry Potter turned a scary evil genius into a bunbling dumbass who oopsied his way into his own death. and should i even mention the star wars prophecy? also Hermine and Ron did most of the work.

      • in the interest of not being too predictable (and since I do owe you guys SOME fun), here a more useful answer:

        Don’t think in terms of the classic prophecy. The future of Brennus is not set in stone. All that can be seen are possibilities. Some events are so probable as to be nearly certain – but, for example, the issue as to whom these prophecies refer might never come to pass to begin with, obviating them all.

        What you see, basically, are possible solutions to a problem that the tenants are foreseeing. One of them or all of them may end up appearing. Or none.

        I might just be beeing a jerk and messing with you, distracting you from the real issue with a shiny prophecy. Or maybe not.

        as to the harry potter prophecy… well, prophecies are like time travel. Few can do them right – it takes a LOT of effort and forethought to do so.

        regarding the star wars prophecy… let’s not get into that, or I’ll rant myself ragged.

      • I like this approach to prophecies. And Stars Wars had a prophecy? I can’t recall, wait, is the prophecy that one about Anakin Skywalker destroying the Sith or something? Because I always felt that was kinda of poor. But as Tieshaunn said, let us not get into that.

  2. Thank you. Thinking of the visions in terms of “proposed solutions”, instead of “predicted future”, opens up a bunch more possibilities and areas of speculation.

    It also implies that some of the limits that masterminds face are tenant level issues, rather than problems with translating the information into something the (near) human brain can understand…

  3. Please lord Satan,
    Don’t make Tieshaunn sick for another millennia, I don’t think I could take it!

    In your humble service,
    Your ungodly acolyte Junie!!!

      • It seems like a relatively simple task, to be honest. So I’m betting it’s a bit more than just being busy. Maybe illness or family tragedy?

  4. “As a small apology, I’ve decided to start a “Random Fact” series. Every day that a chapter is overdue, I’m gonna share some random fact from the Brennusverse with you guys and gals.”

    So……you got 28 more facts?

    • Don’t be an ass. Keeping a schedule is hard. Either something came up IRL or he’s having a period where writing feels more sluggish. It’s also possible he decided to discontinue the random fact to concentrate on the actual chapter. Just be patient, an update will come.

      • I’m with AceOfSpade here. Managing real life and a hobby can be unexpectedly hard. Of the two gaming clubs I been in over the years, over half of the members stopped going not because they wanted to quit or they didn’t enjoy the club, but because they had to worry about work or school or college and couldn’t attend the club as a result.

        In the meantime, there are always other web serials on the internet that you can read. Here are two (not superhero web serials) that I’ve been particularly enjoying:

        https://endonline.wordpress.com/ – A sort of fantasy-sci-fi web serial based around an Virtual Reality MMORPG. I personally found it to be an enjoyable read.
        https://practicalguidetoevil.wordpress.com/ – Fantasy Web Serial in which the universe and characters are rather genre savvy and tropes are accepted as part of how the universe works.

      • Honestly I wouldn’t mind it if Tie stopped the random updates or, heck, of he waited another month before updating a chapter. But not saying anything for a month? Keeping to the random updates for less than a week? If a schedule is hard to keep don’t make it in the first place or say you can’t keep to it. If you can’t update for a month say so. Personally I don’t mind waiting that long. Just leave a message saying something before you leave or to tell us what’s happening. No one is so busy they can’t take 5 minutes to write a short message.

      • @Cap’nSmurfy You got a point there. Personally, I have just been assuming that there isn’t a schedule any more and just wait for updates via the wordpress follower function.

        That said, I think the reason that Tie doesn’t leave short messages is because people don’t like to admit that they haven’t gotten something done that they want to. I can say from experience that it is much easier just to not acknowledge people and pretend you haven’t forgotten to get something done until you gotten it done than it is to just tell people you haven’t got done.

        But yeah, I do agree that a short messages or updates would be preferable than just the silence we’re been getting. Personally, I don’t mind waiting for something as long as I know its coming or how far along it is.

  5. I think Brennus is an interesting and fairly unique take on the super-hero genre and the quality of writing is definitely well above average but from what I can gather Tie seems to be a young guy prone to occasionally flaking out for any number of reasons. At this point, I’d really like to see the story continue but I’m not holding my breath either. Brennus has updated less often as time has gone on and I strongly suspect that Tie’s got other things going on in his life and/or has lost interest in continuing.

    • Sigh, sadly i agree with you. its not unusual for Ties to go completely dark after missing promised deadlines, but never this long. Either.something very bad happened or he might have actually abandoned the story. (he seems to have a lot of balls in the air it might have become too much and hobies are supposed to be first om the chopping block). Unfortunately this is more the norm for web serials rather than the exception, and telling yourself that at least it was free doernt lessen the sting any. sigh give it another month or so before giving up entirely.

      • To be fair, he always does this. It’s very rare for him to leave a note explaining why he’s suddenly pulled away, probably because something urgent (life, college, car crash) completely derailed “Writing time” for a while.

      • Tie hasn’t quit. This exact thing came up a few months back and he was pretty adamant that he would outright state it if he was going to quit.

      • Yeah, we’ll just have to wait a few months. Basically a super long hiatus that don’t know when it will end, just that it will. Might a few months, might several months, might be over a year.

      • Pretty sure he hasn’t quit. He’s said before that he’s more invested in finishing this story than we are, which makes sense to me because he’s put way more time into it. Plus as Smurfy said, he’s said he’d tell us if he ever actually decided to abandon ship.

        If I had to guess I’d just say that life got complicated for him, as it tends to do, and the story he’s writing recreationally (more than anything else), is the easiest thing to put aside so he can deal with more important issues. He’s probably not even checking the website at the moment. I imagine he’s waiting until he has some good news to share (“chapters finished!” or “I can finish the chapter this week!”), because he doesn’t want to come on here and share bad news/no news. (Or he’s just completely and utterly swamped and giving an update is the furthest thing from his mind when he’s got a break).

        I figure it’s part of the cycle at this point. Brennus will start updating again, we’ll move forward a bunch and then something else will inevitably come up, before the story starts moving again. But sooner or later it will finish.

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