Random Facts #8 & #9

@nhan99997: guess what, the dice were on your side

#8 The Pyramids of Giza were lifted off the ground during a DiL attack in 1999. They remain afloat to this day. Khufu’s pyramid complex floats at a height of about eight kilometers. Khafre’s pyramid rests at about seven kilometers, without its complex. Menkaure’s pyramid complex floats at just four hundred meters. The Sphinx is untouched.

#9 The moon colony houses 100191 people from both the PATO and the Sovjet Union.

13 thoughts on “Random Facts #8 & #9

  1. Sphinx “Damnit mdny. this weed is shit, i don’t feel anything.” Menkaure “I dunno babe, im feeling a little something. Maybe you havent had emugh tiime to let it kick in yet?” Sphinx “Or you paid to much for shit xeed again! damit it all to whatever god we worship this meliniun, you always let Khufu talk you into the worrt crap! my 6ther war riit-” Menkaure imner thoughts. sigh, wonder what my friends are doing right mw? Khefre. “this shtt is AMAZING! i am sooooo high right now!! Hey duee how you feelin?” Khufu. “I AM THE HIGHEST IN THE LAND, FEAR ME PUNY MORTALS AND TREMBLE AND WEEP BEFORE MY AWE INSPIRING HIGHNESS!!!”

  2. 6 singificant figures for the moon population, but no units! Shame on you ties. 100.191 people as measured in…?

    Volume? Height? % intact body mass?

    • It’s a regional thing. In the USA (and maybe a few other places – I’m not sure), the separator between digit groups (for thousands, millions, etc.) is a comma and the separator for sub-unit places (decimals) is a period. In (most of?) Europe and other parts of the world, these are switched.
      Thus, the number five million, forty thousand, eight hundred and fifty three and 4 hundred and thirty-two ten thousandths would be written as 5,040,853.0432 in the USA, but as 5.040.853,0432 in Europe/Asia, etc.

  3. More important – do people develop superpowers while on the moon? Or is that not a statistically significant sample?

    Individuals, probably.

  4. I’m surprised that there’s only one moon colony. Given the number of people, and that PATO and the Sovjets don’t like each other, I was certain there’d be a mini cold war up there. Then again, maybe there are treaties in place attempting to prevent that exact thing.

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