About the Patreon Interludes

Hello my dear fans,

So, I was working at the factory today and that takes about 0.42% of my brainpower, so I used the rest to plot out some stuff for Brennus and the Dreaming, and think about my writing in general, and I realised that my current system for Patreon Interludes just plain does not work.

Currently, I’m basically giving my Patrons a vote at the end of each arc to have an Interlude be about a subject of their choosing – which, considering how long my arcs tend to be, means it’s unlikely there’ll even be one each month. Yet you guys pay me each month.

Yes, that money is not specifically for Interludes, but for updates in general, but I still don’t like it; thus, I’m changing the system.

From now on, there will be one Patreon Interlude a month, usually towards the end of it, regardless of whether the current arc is finished or not.

Though it is a little late for this month, I’ll still try  to put one out (the next Brennus chapter is a prime candidate for having a breather before its resolution), so, here’s the current pool of Interludes:

  1. Argonauts: a short on the Mars mission mentioned way back in the early chapters, now approaching their destination.
  2. Toybox: an Interlude in the style of a webforum, in this case the (in)famous Toybox, online playground for Gadgeteers.
  3. Of Apes and Togas: Includes at least 1 Ape and 1 Toga. No monkeys!
  4. Amateurs: a Day (well, Night) in the life of Severance.
  5. Justice, like Lightning: Life in Brazil

Now, before we get to the vote proper, there is still the matter of the two of you who’ve pledged $25 or more to my Patreon – you get to suggest another option, each, after all.

Since this needs to happen fast, I’ll ask you to give me your suggestions until Tuesday evening, 23:59 CEST. After that, everyone who’s pledged $5 or more will vote until Thursday, 14:00 CEST and the Interlude will then be up by Friday, 11:59 CEST!

The vote itself won’t be a simple 1-Voice vote. Rather, everyone will rate all options in order of preference, with first choice being worth the most “points” and last choice the least. Whichever option gets the most points will be the one I’ll write.

That should be all. See you soon with the new chapter!


Tieshaunn Tanner

10 thoughts on “About the Patreon Interludes

  1. Anyone got any good suggestions for how to spend my suggestion for the Interlude? I had an idea, but Tieshaunn said he was already going to do it anyway, and he’s too honest to just take it and do less work.

    Given that I don’t have any good ideas, I figured someone would have an idea worth running with.

    • Well, let’s see:
      Emyr(would probably need more than 1 chapter), Sovereign, Dunstkreis, Weißwalds Final Battle, twins, one of the attacks on the Protectorat, UH Administration, Blackguards defection, Morgana, Severance, DiL POV, Dusus Hawaii attack.

      • Gotta nix DiL POV. No way, no how, not even for a patreon request.

        Severence is already on the list.

        Of Apes and Togas would take place in Sovereign’s territory, at least, and touch a little bit on his background (though it’s primarily about an ape and a toga)

        Dusus Hawaii attack would mostly just be everyone dying. Would at least be pretty easy to do xD

      • Btw, Weisswald’s final battle is gonna happen anyway, so that’d just be cheating on my part. I’d rather not write a donation interlude I would’ve done anyway

      • Thanks for the great suggestions! I knew there were great ideas that I wasn’t remembering. I appreciate you aiding me in being too lazy to just look stuff up.

        I like the Emyr idea. Something like the final attack on him or some other details of the martian invasion, in a more direct manner than the Argonauts interlude, which will presumably at least touch on him.

        Blackguard’s defection is really tempting as well, but it seems too spoilery given the likelihood of revealing whatever hidden reason he had for his betrayal.

        Ultimately I think I’ll request Blackguard’s betrayal, and if that isn’t an option then I’ll go with a more direct look at the Martian Invasion back when it was still happening.

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