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Title: Peregrine swoops in!
In: Boards > Professional > G. Introductions > 2012
Peregrine (Original Poster)(Cape)(Independent)
Posted on July 30, 2012:

Hello everyone,
I guess I should introduce myself here and all. My cape (I can already say that, right? Even though I haven’t gone out yet?) is Peregrine, and I’m a Gadgeteer! Big shock, I know.

I had my origin almost two months ago, and I finished my first build soon after (click here for a photograph!). Yeah, I’m that girl who survived the PanAm crash and had my very own Cast Away experience, though I only spent a little over a week there before I got my power and managed to get back to civilisation (as far as one can consider Scotland to be civilised). There was a big media hubub about it, you can just look it up online if you’re curious.

Anyway, I’ve decided I want to be a hero! I’ve been working on some really cool stuff, but I’m having trouble with some of my inventions and I don’t know why! I have really no idea how Gadgeteers are supposed to work or anything, and I’d be really grateful for every bit of help!

So, a friend of mine told me about Toybox and how it’s for Gadgeteers from all sides and so here I am!

A few questions straight away – hopefully it’s appropriate here:

  1. Is it ok to talk with villain gadgeteers, too, or are there rules for keeping capes and cowls apart on this board?
  2. Is there a specific section for people who have trouble getting their power to work right in the first place?
  3. What’s the word on making money as a Gadgeteer? Are there any safe ways to do it without belonging to, like, the Knights of the Round or the Queen’s Men or the United Heroes?
  4. Do I really have to worry about Syndicate people or other criminals abducting me to put me to work for them? Everyone keeps talking about how many people would do that to a Gadgeteer.
  5. Do I need to register somewhere to be considered a proper superhero? I’d rather not be a vigilante, certainly not a criminal. Also, can I do it if I’m still underage?
  6. Are there rules against giving equipment to normals so they can help me fight crime?

Anyway, I hope you’ll take good care of me and that I’ll be able to become a good and proper member of this huge community!

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SirLamorak (Cape)(Knight of the Round Table)(Rounds Ambassador)
Replied on July 30, 2012:
Dear Peregrine,
let me be the first one to welcome you, both as a fellow gadgeteer and a fellow cape. It always brightens my day to see another member of our kind take up the charge of fighting the good fight, even if I wish fewer would start quite as young as you are.
About your questions:
1. It’s alright to talk to our cowled members – nothing illegal about it, so long as you don’t knowingly help them commit or cover up a crime. This is supposed to be a board for Gadgeteers first, Capes and Cowls second. Keeping that in mind, though, I’m afraid that not all members of Toybox uphold its rules as they should (to be fair, it’s not just cowls who’ve broken them in the past), so do be careful about what you talk about with whom, especially when it comes to sharing images about you, your laboratory or any other personal information – same rules as anywhere on the Internet apply, only even more so.
2. Yes, there is one in the professional section (i.e. the Gadgeteer-only one) of the board. Just follow this link to the introductory thread.
3. There are too many ways and pitfalls to enumerate here. Look up this thread and this presentation as well as this video channel as a start, and go from there. You can also contact both the Knights of the Round Table, the Queen’s Men and the United Heroes via e-mail or phone, their contact information is on their respective websites – I assure you, they’re always happy to help a gadgeteer make legitimate money off their work, even if said gadgeteer is not a member!
4. That is a danger I’m afraid you’ll have to live with, especially considering your age and, I’m sad to say, your gender; it is because of that that I always recommend to new gadgeteers that they find a good team that can protect them, at least until they reach that point where they can take care of themselves. I have sent you a PM with both my own and my team’s contact information, do not hesitate to call for help if things take a turn for the worst.
5. You’re in luck insofar as Great Britain has very lax laws in regards to independent heroes – so long as you stick to some basic rules, you will not be branded a vigilante and merely be considered an independent hero. However, the fact that you’re still underage (and obviously so, going by what I’ve seen of you on the news) is going to be a problem, look here for laws regarding underage capes (being a cowl is illegal anyway, obviously, regardless of your age).
6. Not rules per se, except that you aren’t allowed to arm teenagers and children anymore than a normal person would be allowed to. However, it rarely goes well for a variety of reasons. I would recommend against it, unless you have no other option or it turns out that your power is particularly suited to it.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask, be it here, on the boards or via PM directly to me. Also feel free to call me up if you need help – even when I’m busy, I’ll be able to arrange some time for you!

Nuckelavee(Cowl)(Red Raiders)(Syndicate Ambassador)
Replied on July 30, 2012:
Welcome to Toybox, Peregrine! It is always good to meet a new gadgeteer, be they cape, cowl or other – that’s what’s so great about Toybox, after all, that we can all talk with each other here, regardless of what group we belong to outside of it!
First of all, allow me to dispel at least some of the worries the rumor mill and my caped friend up there may have caused you. While it is true that the Syndicate is always very eager to recruit new gadgeteers to our ranks, we don’t go around kidnapping them and turning them into slaves – putting aside the fact that, unlike a lot of other groups, we do have standards, that is a horrenduously impractical way to get someone to work for you, a waste of resources all around. If you don’t trust in our decency, at least trust in our pragmatism, please!
Also, you’re a teenager. The Syndicate does not move against teenagers unless they keep poking us and even then only rarely. Children (I’m sorry if this sounds patronising, but it must be said) are off-limits except under the most dire of circumstances and breaking that rule is a quick way to get a very terminal visitation from your supervising member of the Five or, if you’re really out of luck, the Big Boss himself.
Now don’t take this as a free card to keep coming after our people, please! If you attack us, as capes are wont to do, then we will fight back and I’d rather not see you hurt, personally.
As far as making money is concerned, while it is admirable that you are so determined to stick to the legal way, I do feel it prudent to inform you that there are many ways to get money from my associates, not all of whom are even illegal – in fact, you could get our support while still being a cape, so long as you are willing to commit not to directly interfere with our operations (you’ll be free to go after any other criminals and cowls, of course). Regarding the legal way, I think my caped colleague up there has given you all the primer you need at this point.
I have sent you a PM with my personal contact information – please feel free to contact me if you need advice or help, especially if you suspect some rogue is coming after you, specifically!
Also, I notice that my colleague up there failed to explain that both he and I are ambassadors for our organisations to Toybox; as such, if you have trouble with either of our groups, or feel that you need to contact either one, he and I are the ones to talk to, as are the ambassadors of other groups.
Enjoy your time here on Toybox and Godspeed to you, Peregrine!

Dory (Cape)(Jasonites)
Replied on July 30, 2012:
Welcome to Toybox and the Cape community in general, Peregrine! Please don’t pay too much attention to Nuckelavee there, he’s a jerk who pretends to be a jerk pretending to be reasonable.
If you want my opinion, I’d strongly recommend that you join a team and as soon as possible; even if you only stay with them for a while, it’ll give you some much needed protection and support during your most vulnerable phase.

Nuckelavee (Cowl)(Red Raiders)(Syndicate Ambassador)
Replied on July 30, 2012:
Peregrine, don’t listen too much to Dory, he’s only cross with me because I openly pointed out his ineptitude as a weapons designer before.
He does make a good point about swiftly joining a team, though.

LordBuckethead (Cape)(The Gremloids)(Admin)
Replied on July 30, 2012:
Bah, don’t listen to them, Peregrine! A gadgeteer can absolutely make it on their own, as you can see in the case of Britain’s glorious future Overlord himself! For twenty-five years now he has braved every opposition and forged his own path, and his alone!
That being said, it is prudent to make trustworthy allies, so that you’ll have people who can back you up in a pinch. This doesn’t require that you join up with any group – there are many capes who’ll be happy to enter into a loose alliance for the sake of support!
Speaking of which, we Gremloids and I, Lord Buckethead himself, would be all too happy to provide you with support if you find yourself in dire straits – you can contact us via PMing me, or via the contact information on our website.
Personally, I would also be very happy to arrange trades, if you could like some good and proper laser weaponry 😉

Peregrine (Cape)(Independent)
Replied on July 30, 2012:
Ohmygodareplyfromlordbuckethead! I’m a huge fan, it’s such an honour to get to talk to you, Sir! And yes, I would love to trade something, if I even have anything worth one of your amazing laser pistols!
@SirLamorak: Thank you very much, that was really, really helpful!
@Nuckelavee: Thank you for being so kind, but I’m pretty sure you’re portraying things a lot nicer than they really are…

Nuckelavee (Cowl)(Red Raiders)(Syndicate Ambassador)
Replied on July 31, 2012:
You are free to think as you wish, of course, but I do hope you’ll approach all things with an open mind – you’ll find that, as far as cowls go, we from the Syndicate are very much the most reasonable.

SirLamorak (Cape)(Knights of the Round)(Rounds Ambassador)
Replied on July 31, 2012:
As much as I respect Lord Buckethead, I think it’s necessary to point out that there was a great deal of luck involved in him surviving long enough on his own to get to where he is now.
Please don’t take him as a role model and if you do, at least avoid blowing yourself up repeatedly…

LordBuckethead (Cape)(The Gremloids)(Admin)
Replied on July 31, 2012:
Bah, the Spiffy Spacelord makes his own luck! And blowing yourself up is a valid combat tactic, provided you have a means to survive doing so!

Nuckelavee (Cowl)(Red Raiders)(Syndicate Ambassador)
Replied on July 31, 2012:
While I am loathe to agree with him on anything, I do have to admit that blowing himself up seems to work out just fine for this bucketheaded idiot.

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Brennus (Cape)(Independent)
Replied on August 2, 2012:
Wow, that escalated quickly.
Welcome to Toybox, Peregrine! I’m a fellow newcomer myself and one who intends to stay independent at that, so I hope we’ll both make it!

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Private messages from and to Brennus:

Brennus: Yes, I did use the wing designs you put up for public use. They worked out wonderfully.
Peregrine: I’m so glad that worked out! I wanted to have my own peregrine drones, but I just can’t work out the programming to make them even remotely autonomous! How’d you do it? Would you be willing to share?
Brennus: I’d love to, but I’m afraid that the programming I use requires my own custom programming cores to work, and I’m rather reticent about sharing the specs for those. I’m sorry.
Peregrine: Don’t sweat it, it’s not like I’d just share my best designs on a whim, anyway. We barely know each other, after all. Though, maybe we could arrange a trade? Something of equal value?
Brennus: Theoretically yes, though do note that you’d need a lot of cores to get a whole swarm together. What do you have in mind?
Peregrine: How do you feel about having your own jetpack?


Title: A Primer on Common Issues for Gadgeteers (by your glorious Overlord)
In: Boards > Professional > Power Theory > Gadgeteering
(Cape)(The Gremloids)(Admin)
Posted on February 11, 2011:

Dearest Gremloids-to-be,

It has occured to I, the Great and Magnificent (future) Overlord of Earth, that after nearly a decade, this illustrous community has accumulated a vast swathe of data in regards to how the most magnificent of all superpowers works – and how it often does not.

A little preface – I should not have to remind you, my loyal Gremloids-to-be, that no  two powers are truly the same, and that is doubly true for Gadgeteers such as ourselves. While the data we have collected allows us to determine certain tendencies, that is not the same as having empirical proof. Keep that in your pretty, sadly bucket-free heads.

Another note, since people keep breaking this rule:


Many of these threads contain highly personal information, concerning Origins, Powers and Secret Identities. Thus, many of them are locked for Cape-only, Neutral-only or Villain-only access, others are Invitation-only (you’ll have to contact the original poster and request permission to access them).
However, regardless of that, we will not brook a betrayal of trust in any case. Yes, that includes heroes trying to bring down notorious villains via spying on them here – Toybox only works because of trust, a trust which we, the Triumvirate of Toybox, have conciously chosen to value higher than our respective callings, and we will come after anyone who betrays said trust.

For those of you who are daft, Locksley will bankrupt you, Jörmungandr will delete all your data, notes and records and I, Lord Buckethead will blow you up. I have laser-guided desintegration missiles and I am not afraid to use them!

Now, with that unpleasantness out of the way, dear Gremloids-to-be, let’s get to the main issue.

As you all certainly know – unless you are one of those lucky blokes who get everything handed to them – metahuman powers can be fickle, and none more so than those of us Gadgeteers and our deluded cousins, the Contrivers. While some of us, such as yours truly, manage to strike a balance with their power (please note, I am speaking in metaphor – I am aware of the theories about power consciousness, but this is not meant to support them; we shall get to those in another thread) and find some stability, but for most Gadgeteers, especially the young ones, it is a constant struggle to balance their day-to-day life, their power and their very self!

Of course, a single thread, even one written by one such as I, is insufficient to cover even a fraction of this subject. As such, this shall serve merely as a short primer on the most common issues you may find yourselves faced with, as well as a collection of links to other resources you may tap to inform yourselves. If I miss any, or any new ones are uploaded, please PM me and I’ll add them to the list.

Now, without much further ado, the most common issues:

  1. Gadgeteering is always on. This may surprise you, but most powers can be turned off, or at least… not used. Someone who shoots fireballs from their hands may have their power always available, but doesn’t have to use it. We are not so lucky. Barring two known, very lucky exceptions – the Cylinder-headed Magnificence is looking at you, Heart Drive 😡 – we are always analysing our surroundings, always coming up with new designs, always feeling the urge to turn them into reality. It has driven more than a few of our kind insane, and completely broken others (remember Nimue? I do.)
  2. Lack of Sleep. Tied into the previous issue, many, many gadgeteers (much like many an esper) have trouble sleeping, due to their power’s constant activity and the urge to keep tinkering with your inventions… too many of us sacrifice much-needed sleep, inviting all the numerous bodily and mental health issues that come with that. Remember people, lacking the need to sleep is a rare gift that most of you do not have, so make sure to sleep, even if it takes chemical assistance! Not every one of us can be like Locksley and Jörmungandr!
  3. Unreliable Inspiration. One of the worst and yet most managable issues that hounds us is how unreliable our power can be, how many of us have trouble sticking to one idea, finishing even one project, or how they come out usable but feeling incomplete, like there could be more to them, yet our power refuses to provide what is needed to so complete them. While some of us suffer this throughout all our lifes, it is usually a sign of one not having figured out their speciality yet, making it an issue that particularly hounds (and often causes the death of) newer gadgeteers, who have yet to get to know their power. Figuring out how your power works, what is its true focus and how to properly stimulate it, usually resolves this issue. There are numerous threads and tutorials for figuring out what your focus is, when it isn’t blindingly obvious, and I shall link to them at the end of this post. At the very least, getting to know the experiences of others might help you figure out your own!
  4. Testing. The age-old question. Why do we Gadgeteers not just sit back in our laboratories and just keep inventing more and better gadgets, maybe equipping others even if we can’t mass produce? Why risk ourselves out in battle, why waste time patrolling or fighting that could be spent researching and building?
    To all those bucket-free numb-skulls who continue to espouse this idiocy, say: Because that’s how our power works, you coprophagic scatologist!
    We need to actually use our Gadgets! We need to see them in action, in the environemnt that they were built for! Do you think that I wade into battle just because it’s fun and gives me plenty of opportunities to demonstrate the inherent superiority of people wearing buckets on their heads? No! I mean, yes, that’s a reason, but it’s not the reason!
    A Gadgeteer who invents combat equipment must go out and use it (with one lucky exception -> Armory III), so as to properly gather data and improve on it! There’ll be links to some threads that have extensively discussed this, trying to figure out why being present in person is necessary, rather than having extremely high-definition recordings, but I shall not go into it here, that would take too long!
  5. Desirability. Putting aside the fact that being creatures of such impeccable style, power and nobility (not talking about Mechorror, Merkabah, Atrocity and especially not Dusu) is something to be desired all on its own, we Gadgeteers are also oft faced with the fact that we’re among the most reliable force multipliers for any team, be it heroic, villaneous or otherwise. Short of power boosters, who are even more rare than us, there is not a single power that is so well-suited to teamwork as ours, as we can outfit both ourselves and our teammates, and generally be immensily versatile toolboxes, even when we have a rather narrow focus.
    As such, especially during our early days, we must be extremely careful if we wish to maintain our independence, especially against supervillains (though it’s not too rare that supposedly heroic teams try to strong-arm a nascent Gadgeteer into joining them), which is one of the reasons why Toybox was founded – as a forum for us to contact one another away from other interests, and support one another when possible to remain independent.

And that’s just the Top Five, my dear Gremloids-to-Be! In an unnecessarily petty twist of karma, the Universe imposes a multitude of problems upon us Gadgeteers, perhaps out of a need to curb our magnificence!

However, all is not lost, for there is Toybox! Over the last decade, we have gathered the world’s foremost collection of data on Gadgeteering, free for all of you Gremloids-to-Be to peruse and draw suggestions, support and succor from!

If all else fails, don’t forget that, regardless of which side of the Cape/Cowl divide you stand, there will always be someone out there willing to help you – just reach out, and you shall find them!

Here’s the link collection I promised:


That is it for today, dearest Gremloids-to-Be! This is Lord Buckethead, signing off!


Private messages from and to LordBuckethead:

Peregrine: Sir, before I say anything else, just let me say that I’m a huge fan of your work! It’s such an honour to be able to talk to you like this, now!
LordBuckethead: Your enthusiasm is both warranted and appreciated, dear Gremloid-to-Be. I have followed your recent exploits against the McDurvod crime family with great joy. How may the cylinder-headed Magnificence help you?
Peregrine: I wanted to ask if there was any way I might somehow obtain one of your laser weapons? I’d love to have some firepower that’s not explosive (the only proper weapon I’ve been able to make so far is an air-to-ground grenade launcher… not exactly good for avoiding collateral damage). I can’t really afford to pay you, but perhaps a trade would be possible? Also, really, you follow my work!?
LordBuckethead: The Magnanimous Magnificence is always glad to trade with such a promising young heroine. Money is no issue to me, anymore, but I find it only proper to commence a fair trade. Looking at your recent thread in the Power Theory thread, you have locked your foci down to a binary one of Sensors and Flight. While I am perfectly capable of building very advanced sensors myself, I am afraid that flight has thus far eluded me – a great grievance for one such as I, be assured! Perhaps you could provide something in that regard, in exchange for a customisable Mark-VIII Star Dominator Rifle?
Peregrine: Ohhhh, I’d love one of those! And yes, I could certainly work up a jetpack, if you wish – it’s quite easy for me. Would you like to have wings, or focus on more violent propulsion?
LordBuckethead: In point of fact, I would prefer some other system entirely – a jetpack would not exactly fit in with my most heroic cape, now would it? Perhaps jetboots, or something like that?
Peregrine: Sorry about the late reply, but I had to think about it for some time. Never built a flight system that didn’t involve a jetpack or wings before, but I think I came up with something, though it’d lack the same range and speed which my larger systems have – a combination of jet boots and bracers for steering, with an emergency parachute for the back of your belt?
LordBuckethead: The Cylinder-Headed Spacelord finds this most agreeable! Do you require any additional data to work them out? Perhaps my measurements and usual loadout weight, for calibration?
Peregrine: Hmm… perhaps we could meet, so I could do it live? Would probably work better if I could adjust them directly on you, if you don’t mind, Sir.
LordBuckethead: That is agreeable. I could visit Inverness during the coming weekend, if that is agreeable to you?
Peregrine: That would be perfect, Sir! Where shall we meet?
LordBuckethead: The World-Travelling World-Conqueror has always wanted to visit Inverness Castle, to get some ideas for his own eventual seat of power.
Peregrine: It’s a deal. How about Saturday, three pm?
LordBuckethead: That is most agreeable. I’m looking forward to meeting you in person, dear Gremloid-to-Be.
Peregrine: So do I, Sir!
Peregrine: Wow, I saw that battle – that was a close one, Sir! I’m glad to see the jetboots I made you worked out well.
LordBuckethead: I never doubted your skill. And it wasn’t nearly as close as it looked, I assure you. How does my Dominator serve you?
Peregrine: Um, this is a little embarrassing, but… I kind of took it apart and… rebuilt it. Sorry.
LordBuckethead: Nonsense! Adapting the inventions of others to your own is something to be commended, not condemned! What’d you make of it, if the Cylindrical Calamity may ask?
Peregrine: Well, I rebuilt it into a laser rifle, again, but it’s specced very differently. The laser is much more powerful, and its batteries last way longer, but it is strongly affected by Earth’s gravity – the blasts get dragged down a lot, essentially firing in a curve. If I try to fire it at a target that’s in front of me, I have to aim way up unless they’re right in front of me, and it’s pretty slow, too! On the other hand, if I fire it from above, the shot’s got a huge punch and I can aim it really easily. So I guess that works better with my other gear, even if it’s kind of annoying that I once again lack a reliable ground-to-ground weapon.
LordBuckethead: Fret not, Gremloid-to-Be! You have only just started out on your journey as a Gadgeteer, and you are already making huge steps! I am certain that you’ll eventually conquer even this obstacle!


Title: Locksley’s Sponsorship Program
In: Boards > Professional > Finance > Sponsorship
Posted on November 01, 2009:

Greetings and Salutations!

For those of you who are here for the first time, I’m Locksley, one of the Admins of Toybox (though sadly not a founder – I joined up later on) and many like to refer to me as part of the ‘Triumvirate of Toybox’, which is to say the three head administrators, one for each vocation (Lord Buckethead for the capes, Jörmungandr for the cowls and myself for those inbetween), as well as our police outside of Toybox itself (ie it’s our job to track down and punish those who break our rules).

Unlike those two, though, I am not a classical gadgeteer – my programs are of no use in a fight, and I have all the physical combat ability of a drunk toddler.

Instead, I prefer to fight the good fight by using my substantial financial resources to sponsor heroes and neutrals all over the world, be they metahuman or not.

In this particular case, I take applications from Gadgeteers who pursue a project they cannot currently finance on their own. If I think it’s worth the money, I provide the funds, or at least a part of the funds (my resources are not endless, no matter what kind of rumors may float around the messageboards). I demand no material recompensation for this, though I do sometimes request a favour of equivalent value to be granted in turn, at some point in the future of my choosing.

So, what are the prerequisites for applying for a grant of some sort? Pretty simple:

  1. Do not initiate force upon innocents. That is paramount. Though I don’t count myself as a cape, being more focused on non-crime-fighting projects, I am most certainly not a villain. My services are thus not available to villaneous gadgeteers, unless they can convince me that the particular project they require assistance with is for a good cause! If I find out that that was a lie, I will do my utmost track you down and ruin you!
  2. Don’t waste it. If I find out you wasted my money, rather than applied it towards the project it was meant for (even if said project failed), I will henceforth deny you any service.
  3. Don’t be in bed with the Red Council, Sovereign or the Gefährten. Members of either of those three organisations or the structures underneath them are categorically denied my services, regardless of how noble their proposed projects may be.

Apart from adhering to those three simple rules, all you have to do is send me a proper application (you may use this form letter), in which you describe the project you propose in as much detail as you can, including projected costs and benefits. I shall review it and contact you for clarification, if need be, followed by my decision whether or not to sponsor it.

Please send any such applications to my e-mail for just this purpose, locksley.sponsorship@sherwood.zero. My Toybox inbox is already cluttered enough with administrative issues!

Best wishes,


Comments have been disabled for this thread!


Private messages from and to Locksley:

Locksley: I have reviewed the project proposal you sent me, Peregrine. There are some questions I need answers to before I’ll decide whether or not to sponsor it, however.
Peregrine: Of course, Sir! Ask away!
Locksley: First, I assume this is primarily meant to help you in your continued campaign against the McDurvod crime family?
Peregrine: Well, having a proper jetplane/drone like that is obviously a boon no matter what, but yes, I came up with it because I need a way to traverse the Highlands at greater speed and with some stealth – they’re hard to pin down on the best of days.
Locksley: Of that I am aware. Are you going to continue this on your own? I would hope you’d have someone to support you, you’re way too young to take on an entire crime syndicate on your own.
Peregrine: Lord Buckethead has been so kind to lend me support a few times, and I’m also cooperating with any cape I can find around the Highlands, but there aren’t that many of us around here, and no team to speak of.
Locksley: I can’t honestly say I’m happy to hear that, but I suppose you’re doing the best you can with what you have.
Second, do you actually have the proper facilities to construct and store such a device? Going by your blueprints, it’s supposed to be as big as a compact car, that is no small thing to hide for a teenager.
Peregrine: Uh… actually, I was thinking I’d build it in my current workshop (it’s an old garage I’ve converted into my lab) and hide it behind it, under a tarp, when I’m not using it. My house is just outside of Inverness, and there’s no one near enough to see it take off, not with the stealth systems I’ve got planned.
Locksley: That’s unacceptable, Peregrine. I will add some extra funds to your grant, for the sake of procuring a proper work- and storagespace. You can ask Lord Buckethead to help you with making all the necessary arrangements, I’m sure he’ll be happy to help.
Peregrine: Wow, um, that’s amazing! Thank you Sir, thank you so much!
Locksley: Needless to say, I approve of your project. The funds have been wired to your cape account. Godspeed, Peregrine.
Peregrine: Thank you!

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