An old work unearthed: The Unmeant Ballad

I’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance lately. Ever since the first game, I have been a diehard KH fan – I’ve played every part of the series released in europe (not counting remakes/remixes) and finished every one except Chain of Memories (did not like the combat system) and Dream Drop Distance (currently working on it).

This is the first chapter of a Fanfiction I wrote right after I finished playing my favourite part of the series – Birth by Sleep (Go Aqua, GO!). It (the chapter) really isn’t that good, but I’m kinda feeling the Nostalgia right now, so I’ll release it. So, without further ado, the first (and only) chapter of:

Kingdom Hearts: The Unmeant Ballad

Chapter 0: Out of the Void/Awakening!

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