B001 First Run (Part 4)

Daniel ‘Danny’ Dannington was the kind of person you thought only existed in comic books, tv-shows and movies. He was a weasel-like, short man, barely a head taller than his daughter. His muddy blond hair had been combed back with way too much product. His small, watery blue eyes were bloodshot and ringed with black circles. He wore a pair of faded old jeans and a matching jeans jacket he had buttoned up to his throat.

The worst part, however, was his ability to always mess up everything he put his mind to; to come up with one get-rich-quick scheme after the other, which always ended with him deeper in debt; his tendency to blame others for his failure (specifically, his ex-wife and their daughter, Aimi).

Basil truly disliked the man. But he knew that Aimi still loved him, for whatever reason; so he would be the first person Brennus was going to save in his career. Not exactly the most glamorous debut, but what can you do? Continue reading